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About The Company

1) How is CareerHigher different from recruiters?


  • Work for employers
  • Manage specific vacancies
  • Reach out to you only if they consider you a good fit for a role
  • Aren’t interested in candidates


  • Work with candidates
  • Help candidates land any role they want based on their needs and strengths
  • Help all candidates
  • Are on a mission to enable candidates land their Top Job
2) What are the core career solutions that you provide?

CareerHigher provides tailored career solutions to help you find your Top Job. We offer a The Job Search Success Program, An end-to-end, all-inclusive, and managed job search program based on results. Available only for selected talents based on their location, profile, and goals.

We also provide Job Search Optimization Solutions which are flexible, tailored, and cost-efficient job search solutions. These include Career Clarity Coaching, Resumes, Pitches, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profile Writing, Job Search Management, and Interview Preparation and Salary Negotiation Coaching.

Additionally, we offer free career advice on resume writing, job search strategy, interview preparation, and more to help you with your job search. You can find more about our career solutions here.

3) What roles or industries do you specialize in?

Our approach is industry-and-role-agnostic. We have a deep understanding of all major markets industries including Tech, Finance, Energy, Insurance, Professional Services, and more. We have consultants specialized in different geographies and have helped candidates from all job functions land their Top Job.

4) Where are you based?

We are a global team with a remote-first culture. Our headquarters are in London, United Kingdom, however, our team is spread around the world. This setup enables us to deeply understand all the markets we serve and offer high-quality work to all our clients.

5) Do you take clients in different geographies?

Our approach is geography-agnostic. We have a deep understanding of all major markets including the US and the UK.

6) What do your clients say about your services?

Generally, our clients are satisfied with our services. At any point when they are not, we do our best to provide 100% support from our end. We are happy to share the below feedback from our clients:

  • “CareerHigher provides top-quality career advancement services. I’ve worked with them during the pandemic and their services have enabled me to get closer to my career goals.”
  • “CareerHigher has been amazing to work with. They went above and beyond to help me with my career choice as I couldn’t make up my mind regarding two different industries.”
  • “CareerHigher takes the time to understand the details of the job and gets it done well. I was impressed by the great level of expertise.”

You can see more reviews here.



About The Team

1) Who will work on my project?

We have a skilled team of professional Career Coaches, Resume Writers, LinkedIn Experts, Interview Preparation Specialists, and Job Application Consultants who will work with you depending on your project scope. You can meet our team here.

2) How do you identify the best consultant for each project?

While every member of the team has significant experience in job search optimization, each consultant specializes in different types of projects. We use your professional background, experience, and expertise to pair you up with the most aligned resource that can deliver a high-quality service.

3) How do I contact support?

For general queries, you can write to us at info@careerhigher.co. For more information, check out our Contact Us page.


About The Job Search Success Program

1) What is The Job Search Success Program?

The Job Search Success Program An end-to-end, all-inclusive, and managed job search program based on results. Available only for selected talents based on their location, profile, and goals. We provide comprehensive career coaching sessions, career documentation writing, identification of relevant opportunities, email and LinkedIn marketing campaigns, interview preparation, and more, making the job search process effortless. You can learn more here.

2) How do you screen candidates?

To help candidates under this program, we use a specific process that unfortunately doesn’t work for everyone. We screen candidates based on their profile and goals. If someone’s profile and goals are aligned with our criteria and they are ready to invest in the program, we take them on.

3) How do you find jobs for candidates?

We manage the end-to-end job search for candidates. First, we work with them to ensure we target the right opportunities based on their needs and strengths. Then, identify relevant jobs, market them using some of the best practices, and get them interviews. Lastly, we coach them to convert interviews to offers.

5) I want to learn more about Job Search Success Program

To learn more about Job Search Success Program, click here.

6) How do I get started?

To get started, fill out this form and wait for us to confirm your eligibility for the program. Once confirmed, we can get started on the different phases of the program.


Job Search Optimization Solutions

1) What Job Search Optimization Solutions do you provide?

We provide the following Job Search Optimization Solutions: Career Clarity Coaching, Job Search Document Writing, Job Search Management, Interview Preparation, and Compensation Negotiation. You can find more about it here.

2) Do I have to buy packaged solutions or do you offer standalone services as well, e.g. resume writing only?

Depending on the solution, we may offer it independently. In most cases, we offer related solutions as a package. For more information, please check with us directly.

3) Do you provide any discounts?

We do provide a 10% discount to graduates and students. Additionally, we may provide some seasonal discounts which can be discussed offline once the process starts.

4) How do I get started?

To start the process, go through our career solutions and fill out this form. Once we receive your response, we will speak on a discovery call to understand your needs and get started.


About Privacy and Terms & Conditions

1. Do you collect client data?

CareerHigher does collect and process the client’s personal data to perform services. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy here.

2. What are the Terms of Service for Job Search Success Program?

You can read our Terms of Services for Job Search Success Program here.

3. What are the Terms of Job Search Optimization Solutions.?

You can read our Terms of Services for Job Search Optimization Solutions here.


What Do Clients Say

Upwork top rated and 100% job completion rate

“Exceptional service and I can’t recommend it enough. The process was very easy and engaging, with an extraordinary outcome”

5 stars review on Fiverr

“CareerHigher didn’t fail one bit, the questions asked, the details and effort put in, was absolutely above expectations.”

Five stars review on Trustpilot

“In just 3 months, I had an offer in hand from a global firm in the position I was seeking, with a 35% increase in my compensation”


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