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The Top Job Approach

Are you underpaid, unfulfilled, or stuck in a stagnant role? Time to move to your Top Job!


What is a Top Job?

A Top Job is an in-demand and high-potential job aligned with your strengths and needs.

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People want jobs that meet their needs. These needs include monetary elements, such as salary, and non-monetary elements, like flexibility. Also, they are seeking work that they can perform well and enjoy doing. So, suitable jobs should be aligned with a candidate’s strengths.

Also, talents are looking for jobs and careers that are in high demand, as this puts them in a position of power. We think of demand based on the current employment market and the future role potential. This allows us to target jobs that set people up for short-term and long-term success while minimizing risk.

We explore jobs, employers, and industries based on the above criteria to identify your Top Job. So, Top Jobs are in-demand and high potential opportunities, with employers of choice, in high-performing industries. Also, they are in sync with your strengths and needs.


The Top Job Framework

We use strengths-based coaching to identify your skills and likes. Then, we find jobs that have a high current demand and future potential, in growing industries with employers of choice. You can find the graphical representation of the Top Job framework below (Click the image to see it in full size):

top job flowchart


The Top Job Process

Top job process


Why You Should Care



High Compensation


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Every person is unique and so are their requirements. However, all requirements typically revolve around common themes. These themes include security, stability, high compensation, growth, fulfillment, and flexibility.

Since people have multifaceted requirements, there is a need for a holistic framework to identify the right top job. We created the CareerHigher Top Job framework based on a set of pillars that enable discovering roles in alignment with your unique needs.

Specifically, we find opportunities in high demand in the current market and strong future prospects, increasing security, stability, and growth. Also, a Top Job is aligned with a candidate’s strengths, maximizing fulfillment, success, and compensation.


Who is it for?

We Can Help If

You are underpaid

You are overworked

Your efforts are not recognized

Your job is boring

Your job isn’t aligned with your skills

You don’t have the flexibility you need

You are looking to fire your boss

You are looking to change industries

You feel your career path lacks future prospects


Why Work With Us

We make your job search stress-free and effortless by doing the heavy lifting for you

We help you discover and secure a job aligned with your needs and strengths


We use a holistic approach to land people Top Jobs

We offer end-to-end, all-inclusive, and managed job search solutions

We have strong job search, recruitment, coaching, consulting, and content creation capability

We are committed to offering a top client experience

We’re humbled to have received excellent reviews from ex-clients


Clients Hired By

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What Do Clients Say

Upwork top rated and 100% job completion rate

“Exceptional service and I can’t recommend it enough. The process was very easy and engaging, with an extraordinary outcome”

5 stars review on Fiverr
“CareerHigher didn’t fail one bit, the questions asked, the details and effort put in, was absolutely above expectations.”
Five stars review on Trustpilot

“In just 3 months, I had an offer in hand from a global firm in the position I was seeking, with a 35% increase in my compensation”

Ready to find your Top Job?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by unfair advantage?

The phrase unfair advantage means having exclusive access to valuable resources that can give you a distinct competitive edge. In this case, we help our clients beat the competition and land their best jobs. For clarity, our help is always legal, ethical, and in line with job search best practices.

2. Can you help me increase my compensation?

91% of CareerHigher clients increase their compensation with talents getting an average of 10.5% pay bump. This is more than double compared to the average 5.2% compensation increase people get when changing jobs . For someone earning $150,000 per year, this means making approx. $8,000 more every year.

3. Can you help me land a job faster?

Our clients land a new job in 4.4 months on average, which is 27% faster than other candidates. For someone who makes $150,000 per annum, this means receiving approx. $20,000 extra income before tax.

4. Can you help me land a more fulfilling job?

93% of our clients find their new job more fulfilling than their previous one with only 3% leaving within the first 90 days. In other words, with CareerHigher you’re 10 times more likely to find a long-term role compared with the industry average.

5. Can you help me land a job effortlessly?

Talents spend an average of 11 hours of effort per week job searching and a total of 282 hours throughout their search (LinkedIn). Our clients only put 4 hours of effort per week on average or 75 hours in total. So, CareerHigher clients put 73% less effort into their search, saving 207 hours.

6. Can you make the job search process smoother for me?

96% of CareerHigher clients agree that working with us makes the job search process less painful. In fact, 82% of our clients say that they enjoyed going through the job search process with us.

7. How many Top Jobs do you find for each client?

A Top Job is a job type fulfilling criteria like high demand and future potential. Since these roles are in demand, there are many related vacancies that we can target once the top job is defined.

8. Who is an employer of choice?

By employer of choice, we mean an employer who is popular among candidates. The general criteria that make an employer preferable include their ability to provide a good work environment, work-life balance, flexibility to work, industry-equivalent compensation, and more. Additionally, this also includes preferred employers for candidates.

9. How do I know if my Top Job is the right fit for me?

Using strengths-based coaching, we identify your interests and skills. These form the basis of identifying your Top Job, making it an excellent fit with your background, skills, and preferences.

10. Who will work on your projects?

We have a qualified team of professional resume writers, career and interview coaches, and LinkedIn experts who will work with you depending on your project scope. You can meet our team here.

11. How do you identify roles and industries with future potential?

We identify roles and industries based on current demand and future research-backed estimates. This means we use data to find roles and industries that are currently in demand with the potential to grow further in the future. We avoid finding roles in industries that may be impacted by automation and technology in the future.

12. Do you offer specific jobs?

No, we don’t offer jobs to candidates. We work with them to identify and land them their Top Job. Then, we manage the end-to-end application process for them, helping candidates to land great jobs effortlessly.

13. Do you work with employers?

No, we don’t work with specific companies. We partner with candidates and use job search best practices to connect them with their employers of choice.

14. Do you share any personal information with third parties?

We may share your information with your employers of choice while making applications on your behalf in the Guaranteed Success Program. To understand the details of how we collect and process your personal data, read our privacy policy here.

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