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On average, our clients increase their compensation by 10.5%, find a job 27% faster than other candidates, and save 207 hours of job search effort.

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Why You Should Care

On average, finding a new job takes 6 months (Bureau for Labor Statistics)

Our clients land a new job in 4.4 months on average, which is 27% faster than other candidates. For someone who makes $150,000 per annum, this means receiving $20,000 extra income before tax.

Talents spend an average of 11 hours of effort per week job searching and a total of 282 hours throughout their search (LinkedIn).

Our clients only put 4 hours of effort per week on average or 75 hours in total. So, CareerHigher clients put 73% less effort into their search, saving 207 hours.

40% of talents feel they are underpaid (Gallup). When changing jobs, talents get a 5.2% compensation increase on average (World Economic Forum).

91% of CareerHigher clients increase their compensation with talents getting an average of 10.5% pay bump. For someone earning $150,000, a 10.5% compensation increase means making approx. $16,000 more every year before tax.

66% of talents are not engaged at work (Gallup). When they change jobs, 30% of new joiners leave their job within the first 90 days (Harvard Business Review).

93% of our clients find their new job more fulfilling than their previous one with only 3% leaving within the first 90 days. In other words, with CareerHigher you’re 10 times more likely to find a long-term role.

Talents often feel stressed, anxious, and depressed during the job search process (Inc).

96% of CareerHigher clients agree that working with us makes the job search process less painful. In fact, 82% of our clients say that they enjoyed going through the job search process with us.


The CareerHigher Effect

545% Return on Investment and $22,287 Profit within 18 Months

CareerHigher Services ROI

Without CareerHigher, a talent whose last compensation was $150,000 and is looking for work would make an average of $157,800 in 18 months before tax.

With CareerHigher, the same talent would make an average of $185,087 before tax over a period of 18 months. After subtracting our fee, this is $22,287 more income before tax.

In other words, the talent would get an average RoI of 545% within 18 months, which would increase further over time.

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Harry is a talent looking for work. His last compensation was $150,000.

Job Search without CareerHigher

If Harry doesn’t work with CareerHigher, it will take him an average of 6 months to find his next job. Once he does, he will start making $157,800 per annum before tax based on the average 5.2% compensation increase that people get when changing jobs.

Job Search with CareerHigher

If Harry invests in our end-to-end solution, it may cost him around $5,000, which he can pay over time using buy-now-pay-later.

Our clients get an average compensation bump of 10.5%, based on which Harry will make $165,750 per annum before tax. Also, we help clients to land their next job in 4.6 month on average, which means Harry will receive $22,100 extra before tax due to landing a job faster.

Financial comparison

After 18 months, Harry will have made $157,800 before tax without CareerHigher. With CareerHigher, he will have made $185,087 before tax, which is $27,287 more. Even after subtracting our fee, he will still have made $22,287 more before tax.

RoI analysis:

Harry will get a RoI of 545% within 18 months. Also, this RoI would increase further over time due to his higher compound earning potential.

While the above example is based on the average data which may be different from your job search, it can be used as an illustration of the potential RoI of partnering with CareerHigher.


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