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Best Resume Writing Services

A Guide to Top U.S. Companies

A resume is one of the most important documents in the job search process. It serves as an introduction to potential employees, offering a snapshot of your skills, qualifications, and experiences to help them assess your suitability for the role. Therefore, having an impressive resume is crucial.
But let’s be real, writing a resume can be tricky, and sometimes other priorities just get in the way. Can you relate? If that’s the case, getting some expert help from a professional resume writer might be just what you need. In this guide, we’ve compiled the top 10 resume writing services in the United States.


Why Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Here are some benefits of hiring a Professional Resume Writer compared to a DIY resume

Time Saving

Crafting a compelling resume demands time and effort. It involves analyzing target positions, reflecting on your experiences, and strategically presenting yourself in one to two pages. By partnering with a professional writer, you can reduce this burden, gaining time to focus on other aspects of your job search

Faster Turnaround

Crafting a resume on your own can take days or even weeks, especially if you’re stuck fine-tuning the document. A resume specialist can streamline this process, delivering a polished resume more quickly.

Better Results

Professional resume writers bring industry experience and expertise to the table. They can showcase your professional journey, skills, and achievements effectively, increasing your chances of securing a job interview

Overcoming Challenges

If you’re navigating career challenges like employment gaps or transitioning to a new field, a resume writer can be especially helpful. They possess the know-how to handle various job-hunting scenarios and can help position you as the right fit.


How to Find the Best Resume Writer?


Examine Team Profiles

Before deciding on a service, delve into the profiles and backgrounds of the writing team. Understanding who you’ll be collaborating with can help you better gauge their resume writing expertise.


Check Turnaround Time

Turnaround times vary among resume writing services. Some promise delivery within days, while others might take weeks. If you’re in a hurry, prioritize services with faster turnarounds to avoid missing good job opportunities


Request Resume Samples

Many professional resume writers display resume samples on their websites. If they don’t, feel free to inquire. Examining these samples can offer insights into the quality and style of their work.


Read Online Reviews

Platforms like TrustPilot and SiteJabber feature reviews from real customers. Reading these testimonials can help you assess the service quality and overall client satisfaction.


Understand Methodology

Familiarize yourself with your resume writer’s process of creating a resume. Determine the effort they expect from you, inquire if they offer personal consultations, and find out if they’ll review your current resume or create a new one. Also, ask about the number of revisions they provide


Evaluate Other Services

While your main focus might be on the resume, consider other services they provide, such as cover letters and LinkedIn profile development. These elements are crucial for a job search, and having them crafted by the same writer ensures consistency in your applications.



Finally, consider the cost. Premium services often come with a higher price tag. Set a budget and select a service that offers the best value for your money.

Methodology of Comparison

We have compared the top resume-writing services using publicly available information such as service providers’ websites, customer reviews, industry forums, and online mentions. In our evaluation, we considered several factors such as the scope of services offered, pricing, turnaround time, customer feedback, the experience of writers, and the overall reputation of the company. As much as we strive to offer accurate and up-to-date information, it is essential to keep in mind that our analysis is based on data available at the time of our research.

However, the solutions provided, client experience, and prices of each provider may shift over time. Thus, we advise our readers to verify all details from the company website before making their final decision. Furthermore, it should be made clear that our comparison does not represent our personal experience with any of the resume-writing companies listed, it solely relies on publicly available information.


Top 10 Resume Writing Services

In this section, we’ll discuss the top 10 resume-writing services available in the United States. Remember, the most suitable service for you will also depend on your specific goals, profile, and budget. Let’s get started!



At CareerHigher, we offer an expert CV and Resume Writing Solution, helping professionals create resumes that truly stand out in the job market. Our services are tailored to ensure that our clients’ resumes are both ATS-friendly and appeal to the hiring decision-makers. We take pride in exclusively partnering with candidates rather than companies or recruiting agencies, ensuring dedicated efforts in helping you secure your Top Job.

Our approach is industry and role-agnostic. We understand diverse market industries, including Tech, Finance, Energy, Healthcare, Professional Services, and more. Beyond resume writing, we offer a comprehensive suite of job search optimization solutions, covering every aspect of the job search process.

Key Features:
  • Quick and Structured Writing Process: The resume writing process at CareerHigher is designed to be both systematic and client-friendly, ensuring that each step is transparent and collaborative. Moreover, we prioritize a quick turnaround time, ensuring clients receive their resumes within 5 business days so they don’t miss out on any good job roles.
  • Expert Resume Writing Team: We have an expert team of resume writing specialists with strong recruitment, coaching, and career consulting experience. Our resume writers have successfully served candidates from across different job functions, career levels, industries, and geographical regions.
  • Human-Centric and ATS-Optimized Resumes: We create resumes that are finely tuned for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring they pass automated screenings. But, more importantly, we write your resume keeping the hiring managers and recruiters in mind, as they are the ultimate decision-makers. We strive for the right balance between tech compatibility and appeal to the human eye.
  • Personalized Support: Reviewers on TrustPilot frequently highlight CareerHigher’s standout professionalism and responsiveness. Clients have appreciated our team for their personalized guidance and unwavering support throughout the job-hunting journey.
  • No Complimentary Resume Reviews: CareerHigher focuses on delivering tailored resume services. However, unlike some competitors, we don’t offer initial complimentary resume reviews. But, we do provide free career resources and sample resumes to showcase our service quality. Additionally, you can schedule a free discovery call with us to explore our offerings and determine if they align with your needs.
  • Premium Pricing: At CareerHigher, we promise to provide personalized support, ensuring each client receives a resume uniquely tailored to their goals and background. This bespoke approach, combined with expert guidance, reflects the value we offer.
  • However, for candidates on tight budgets, our services might not be the best option.
Packaging and Pricing Details:


Our Clients Hired By

Hired by logos
Upwork top rated and 100% job completion rate

“CareerHigher takes the time to understand the details of the job and gets it done well. I was impressed by the great level of expertise”

Five stars review on Trustpilot

In just 3 months I had an offer in hand from a global firm in the position I was seeking and with a 35% increase in my compensation.”

5 stars review on Fiverr

It was a great experience, and the treatment was so professional. The communication was clear, and the delivery of the work on time. I highly recommend working with CareerHigher

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Headquartered in New York, ZipJob is a leading resume-writing service provider with a team of over 100 resume-writing specialists catering to more than 65 industries. ZipJob strongly leverages technology to ensure resumes are optimized for Application Tracking Systems (ATS).

ZipJob can help you either improve your existing resume or create a new ATS-compliant resume from scratch.

Key Features:
  • Free Resume Review: ZipJob offers a free resume assessment to clients before they purchase the service. The assessment includes a detailed report on design, structure, language, format, and how the resume measures against ATS standards.
  • 60-Day Interview Assurance: With the Fast Track and Premium packages, ZipJob makes a guarantee: if you don’t receive at least double the interview requests within 60 days of obtaining your ZipJob-crafted resume, they promise to rewrite it at no additional cost.
  • Phone Communication at an Extra Cost: Direct phone consultations with writers incur additional charges, potentially limiting those seeking a more personalized touch.
  • Quality Concerns: Some clients have reported issues with resumes they received, including grammatical errors, missing information, and misleading statements.
  • Keyword Overemphasis: While it’s suggested to include industry-specific keywords to pass through ATS filters, over-relying on them can make a resume sound generic and AI-generated. This could be a potential challenge with ZipJob.
Packaging and Pricing Details:
  • ZipJob offers a Launch Package priced at $139 or an option of $48 per month. This package provides clients with a professionally crafted resume and the ability to directly message the writer handling their resume.
  • Their Fast Track Package is available for $189. This package encompasses all the features of the Launch package and additionally includes a cover letter and a 60-day interview guarantee.
  • For those seeking more advanced features, ZipJob has a Premium Package priced at $299. This premium offering ensures clients receive a professionally written resume and cover letter, an update to their LinkedIn profile, and expedited delivery of their documents.



TopResume is the world’s largest resume-writing service that has helped over 1 million professionals in landing interviews. Their network consists of over 1,200 writers experienced in more than 65 industries.

Besides writing resumes for professionals, TopResume also provides academic CVs and federal writing services. They place a strong focus on including relevant keywords in the resume.

Key Features:
  • Free Resume Review: For those unsure about their current resume’s quality, TopResume offers a free review, giving potential clients a taste of what improvements can be made.
  • 60-day Interview Guarantee: For select packages, TopResume offers guarantees to its clients. If you don’t secure an interview within 60 days, they promise to rewrite your resume.
  • Industry-Specific Expertise: TopResume has professionals skilled in crafting resumes for various sectors, including Marketing, IT, Administrative roles, Business and Management, Education, and Human Resources.
  • Limited Revisions: The service offers only three revisions. This means that if you’re not satisfied after the third revision, you might be left with a resume that doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Extended Turnaround Time: The entire resume writing process, from the first draft to the final version, can take up to two weeks. For job seekers in a hurry, this might not be the most time-efficient option.
  • Lack of Direct Communication: The default mode of communication with the writer is through a secure dashboard, which might not be as immediate or personal as a direct phone or a video call. Telephone communication is available at an additional cost.
  • Quality of Content: Several users on TrustPilot stated that the resumes were filled with buzzwords and lacked substance. They felt the content was generic and not tailored to their specific needs or industry.
Packaging and Pricing Details:

TopResume offers three resume-writing packages tailored to different career stages; these include:

  • The Junior Level package: ideal for those with 0-3 years of work experience, is priced at $79 and includes a professionally written resume.
  • The Mid-Level package: targeting experienced professionals and mid-level managers, comes at $99 and includes a professionally written resume and cover letter.
  • For higher management and executives: the Executive Level package is available for $149 and includes a professionally written resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.


Let’s Eat, Grandma

Let’s Eat, Grandma is an award-winning boutique resume-writing service known for its collaborative approach. By providing individual attention and customization, they ensure your resume is tailored to your career goals.

They also strongly focus on overall client experience and timely customer support.

Key Features:
  • Targeted Writing: Each resume is tailored to align with the client’s target roles and background, ensuring it stands out in the competitive job market, unlike generic “one-size-fits-all” resumes.
  • Close Collaboration: Clients have the opportunity to communicate directly with their assigned writer throughout the process, ensuring a transparent and consultative experience. They promise to provide personal sessions with an expert and timely email support.
  • Experienced Writers: The company employs seasoned writers and invests in ongoing training to enhance their expertise. The backgrounds of the resume writers are available on their website, allowing clients to know who they will be working with.
  • Extended Turnaround Time: The personalized process can take up to 10 days for the first drafts, with an additional 7 days allocated for two revision requests. This extended period might not be suitable for candidates on tight timelines.
  • Limited Service Scope: They do not cater to clients seeking academic or federal CV writing services.
  • Complex Initial Process: After making a payment, clients must complete detailed worksheets before they can speak to a representative. This step can be time-consuming and has been known to present technical challenges, with some users reporting difficulties in submitting the forms.
Packaging and Pricing Details:
  • The Starter Package, priced at $439, includes a custom-tailored resume.
  • The Accelerated Package, available for $549 includes a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile rewrite, and a digital guide to cold emails and thank-you notes.
  • The Premium Package, costing $689, provides a comprehensive LinkedIn profile development in addition to all the features of the Accelerated package.
  • The Executive Concierge Service includes everything in the Premium package, along with customized documents for senior leadership positions, dedicated writer access, a 60-minute executive career coaching session, and 10 days of unlimited revisions.


The Muse

The Muse is a popular career platform designed to cater to job seekers and professionals seeking to advance their careers. It offers comprehensive resources and services, including job boards, company information, career advice, and coaching services.

At The Muse, you have the freedom to choose the resume coach you want to work with from their diverse range of professionals. They offer resume coaching in 50+ specialties, spanning various fields from beauty and fashion to biotechnology and government sectors.

Key Features:
  • Interactive Guidance: The Muse not only focuses on delivering a compelling resume but also teaching you how to create one yourself. They offer a session in which a coach teaches you the nuances of writing a winning resume, empowering you with the knowledge for your future applications.
  • Freedom to Choose Your Coach: The Muse offers a diverse range of professionals to guide you. You have the liberty to browse through the profiles of different coaches, assess their expertise, read reviews from other users, and select the one that resonates best with your needs.
  • Personal Consultations: The Muse offers personalized consultations over Skype or phone. These one-on-one interactions ensure a more engaging, human, and collaborative experience, allowing for guidance tailored to your individual needs
  • Reviewing, Not Writing: The service requires you to share an existing resume. It’s primarily a resume enhancement service, not a resume writing service. This means that if you don’t have a resume to begin with, this service might not be the best fit for you.
  • Extended Turnaround Time: The coaching services, including the Resume Review, can take 1-2 weeks to complete. This might be longer than the turnaround time offered by some competitors, potentially delaying your job application process.
  • Hands-On Approach Required: The Muse’s resume review service may not be ideal for candidates who:
  1. Prefer to have their resume directly written for them by an expert without their involvement.
  2. Wish to remain minimally involved in the resume refinement process.
Packaging and Pricing Details:
  • The Mentor Package ($139) package includes a 30-minute chat over Skype or phone, an updated resume from your coach, and one round of edits.
  • In the Coach package ($259), you get a 45-minute chat over Skype or phone, an updated resume from your coach, and two rounds of edits.
  • The Master Coach ($549) is a premium package that offers a 60-minute chat over Skype or phone, an updated resume from your coach, and unlimited edits for 2 weeks after receiving the first draft.



With over two decades of industry expertise, Monster.com is a global giant best known for its job board.

The company also offers specialized resume writing services helping job seekers make a lasting impression on the hiring decision-makers.

With a focus on optimizing resumes for Application Tracking Systems (ATS), Monster ensures that your resume ranks high in automated screenings.

Key Features:
  • Certified Professional Writers: All of Monster’s resume writers are certified and have undergone specialized training through their professional development programs. This ensures that your resume is crafted by experts who understand the intricacies of professional resume writing.
  • Quick Turnaround Time: Monster offers expedited delivery of career documents, completing orders within 2-5 business days, depending on the selected package. This prompt service enables you to apply in a timely manner.
  • 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: Monster vouches for the quality of its services. If you’re not fully satisfied with your resume, LinkedIn profile, or cover letter, they commit to rewriting it at no additional cost.
  • Single Revision Policy: Regardless of the package chosen, Monster offers only one revision after providing the first draft. This might not be sufficient for clients who require multiple iterations to ensure their resume meets their expectations.
  • Lack of Direct Communication: Monster does not offer phone consultations for their resume clients. This absence of direct verbal communication can limit the personal touch and understanding that often comes from speaking directly with a professional.
  • Quality Concerns: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of services on customer review platforms, such as Sitejabber. These reviews indicate inconsistencies in the quality of resumes delivered.
Packaging and Pricing Details:
  • The BASIC package, priced at $149, offers a professionally written resume tailored to your skills and career goals. This package ensures your resume is keyword-rich to match job postings and is optimized for Application Tracking Systems (ATS).
  • For $197, the DELUXE package provides both a resume and a cover letter. The cover letter is crafted for one target job title.
  • The PREMIER package, available for $349, is a comprehensive offering that includes a resume, cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile makeover. In this package, you receive an expedited delivery of all career documents.



Founded in 2015 by Peter Yang, a former HR manager, ResumeGo offers professional resume writing services globally.

Their focus is on writing resumes that appeal to both human recruiters and Application Tracking Systems (ATS).

In addition to resumes, they also offer services for LinkedIn profiles and cover letters.

Key Features:
  • Phone Consultation: ResumeGo offers clients the opportunity for a phone consultation with their assigned writer. This can ensure a more personalized touch, allowing for a deeper understanding of the client’s career goals and experiences.
  • Unlimited Revisions: ResumeGo offers their clients unlimited revisions on their resume. This means you can continue to collaborate with your writer until the resume is exactly to your liking.
  • Expert Team: ResumeGo comprises a team of HR professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and resume experts. Detailed information about the team’s expertise and background is available on their website, so you know exactly who you’re working with.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: ResumeGO provides a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for up to 14 days, ensuring you can try their offerings risk-free.
  • Generic Resumes: Some customers reported that the resumes provided were generic and lacked personalization. They mentioned that the content seemed to be a mere rearrangement of their original resumes without significant improvements.
  • Misleading Money-Back Guarantee: While the company promotes a money-back guarantee, some users found this claim misleading. They faced challenges in getting a full refund, with some only receiving a partial refund or none at all.
  • Limited Service Scope: ResumeGo primarily caters to private-sector professionals and executives. Entry-level job seekers or those targeting unique industries might find their services less suitable.
  • Higher Price Point: Compared to some other resume writing services, ResumeGo’s pricing can be on the higher side, which might not be feasible for everyone, especially those on a tighter budget.
Packaging and Pricing Details:
  • For $360, ResumeGo’s Professional package offers a professionally written resume. This package includes a 1-on-1 consultation, unlimited revisions, and a money-back guarantee. Additionally, clients can opt for a LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter, and Thank You Letter at added costs.
  • Their Executive package is curated for C-Suite Executives. It provides a professional resume, consultation, and unlimited revisions. This package also includes a LinkedIn profile makeover, a cover letter, and a thank you letter.



ResumeSpice provides resume writing services across the United States and Canada, serving various industries.

The company was established by a Harvard MBA and recruiting executives, ensuring a first-hand understanding of recruiters’ and hiring managers’ expectations.

They have successfully assisted thousands of executives in securing positions at leading companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and more.

Key Features:
  • Phone Consultation: ResumeSpice ensures a personalized service by offering phone consultations with their expert resume writers, fostering a more human and tailored experience for clients.
  • Quick Turnaround: ResumeSpice delivers the final resume within just 2 business days, standing out as one of the fastest services in the field.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: On Trustpilot, ResumeSpice has garnered positive feedback, with customers particularly praising the expertise of their resume writers.
  • Interview guarantee: They stand behind their services by offering a guarantee: if you don’t secure an interview within 60 days of receiving your resume, they promise to work with you to make necessary changes to your resume.
  • Limited Revisions: ResumeSpice caps the number of revisions to two rounds only, which might not be sufficient for some clients to achieve their desired resume outcome.
  • Waiting Period: ResumeSpice sometimes has a two-week waiting period before they can begin working on the resume. This can be a major delay for those who are in urgent need of resume writing services.
  • Limited Feedback Window: Clients are given a maximum of seven calendar days to provide feedback on their resumes. This might be restrictive for people who need more time or get caught up with any obligations.
Packaging and Pricing Details:
  • ResumeSpice offers an Entry Level Resume package at $479 for those with 0-2 years in the workforce, which includes a phone consultation, a keyword-optimized resume, a draft within two business days, two rounds of revisions, and a 60-day interview guarantee.
  • Their Professional Resume package, priced at $589, is tailored for individuals with over 2 years of experience and offers similar features.
  • For C-level executives or those seeking roles over $125K, the Executive Resume package is available at $699 and includes all the features as their other packages.



Based in North America, ResumeWriters has 20 years of experience in this field, and a team of 100 expert writers onboard.

They specialize in creating tailored resumes for varying professional circumstances.

ResumeWriters offers specialized packages for military-to-civilian transitions, tech professionals, and various academic roles.

Key Features:
  • Quick Turnaround Time: ResumeWriters promises a 24 to 72-hour turnaround for final documents, which can be a big plus for time-sensitive applications.
  • Direct Writer Contact: At ResumeWriters, clients engage directly with their assigned writers. Clients have straight email access to their writers, making this service a good fit for those seeking a personalized experience.
  • Free Rewrite Guarantee: ResumeWriters offers a service guarantee: if a client doesn’t land a job interview within two months of receiving their resume, the company will redo the resume at no extra charge.
  • Quality Issues: Feedback from platforms like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau indicates that some customers were dissatisfied with the quality of resumes provided by ResumeWriters. Common complaints highlighted issues with resume formatting and subpar resume quality.
  • Generic Service Packages: While the site mentions various categories of resume writing (students, professionals, executives, etc.), there is no clear differentiation in the service for these categories. Clients might receive a similar level of service, regardless of their unique experiences or the complexities of their career paths.
Packaging and Pricing Details:
  • The packages are differentiated by pricing, depending on the career situation. For instance, a student package is priced at $169.95, while the tech package is available for $229.95.
  • The most popular offering in their portfolio is the professional package ($199.95), which comes with a standard 72-hour turnaround, an option for 24-hour rush service, and add-ons such as cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.



Founded in 2014, VisualCV is a resume and CV-focused digital platform. From its base in Vancouver, Canada, it operates globally, providing users with resume templates, personalized resume websites, portfolios, and cover letters.

VisualCV is available in 9 languages and serves clients from over 100 countries worldwide.

Key Features:
  • Efficient Turnaround Time: VisualCV promises prompt service, committing to a three-business-day turnaround for resume writing.
  • High-Quality Templates: The platform receives consistent positive feedback regarding its resume templates. Previous clients have appreciated the professional design of the templates and the broad selection to choose from.
  • Extensive Career Resources: VisualCV offers a comprehensive suite of career tools, including a wide variety of resume templates and samples, a user-friendly resume builder, and a system for suggesting relevant resume skills.
  • Advanced Resume Analytics: The platform stands out for its resume analytics feature, allowing users to track the performance of their resumes. It provides insights into how often each resume is viewed and downloaded.
  • Lack of Team Transparency: The website does not disclose information about the resume writing team, with details only provided for the executive leadership, raising concerns about the expertise and credentials of the individuals crafting the resumes.
  • Variable Pricing: Pricing packages are tiered based on job levels, leading to different costs for entry, mid, and senior-level positions. This structure could be a limitation for those seeking cost-effective solutions across career stages.
Packaging and Pricing Details:

The “Professional Resume Writing Service” by VisualCV offers tiered pricing based on the applicant’s experience level, as follows:

  • Entry Level: For individuals with less than 2 years of work experience, the service is priced at $149.
  • Mid Level: For those with 2-5 years of experience, the service costs $259.
  • Senior Level: Professionals with 5-10 years of experience can access the service for $399.
  • Expert Level: For individuals with more than ten years of work experience, the service is available for $899.

Exploring Cost-Effective Alternatives

Online Resume Builders

While we’ve discussed the significant advantages of hiring a professional resume writer, we recognize that some job seekers may be navigating tighter budgets.

If investing in a full-fledged resume writing service isn’t feasible for you at the moment, don’t worry – you still have valuable resources at your disposal.

Online resume builders are a budget-friendly alternative, offering a variety of tools to help you craft a presentable resume that can make a positive impression. Here are a few reputable online resume builders you might consider:

List of Online Resume Builders
  • ResumeGenius: Known for its ease of use, ResumeGenius offers customizable templates, pre-written bullet points, and expert advice to guide you through the process of creating your resume.
  • TealHQ: TealHQ provides more than just resume building, it’s a career growth platform. Alongside creating a professional-looking resume, you can access job tracking, community support, and career content to bolster your job search strategy.
  • Resume.com: Resume.com is a free resource that offers a wide range of templates, allowing you to create and download your resume without any hidden charges. It’s a straightforward platform designed to make resume-building accessible to everyone.
  • SkillSyncer: SkillSyncer is unique due to its focus on keyword optimization. It’s designed to tailor your resume to the specific job posting, increasing your chances of getting past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).


Investing in a professional resume writer can accelerate your job search, translate into higher earning potential, and even transform your career trajectory. Your career is one of the most important aspects of your life, and if you have a specialist to guide you it can make the process a lot easier and more rewarding for you. Thus, if you have the budget, hiring a resume specialist is an investment in your professional future that’s well worth considering.

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