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Unfair advantage: exclusive access to valuable resources that can give you a distinct but ethical competitive edge.


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CareerHigher was founded in 2020 by Andy Agouridis to help professionals land their Top Jobs effortlessly. Andy is a career strategist, HR professional, content creator, entrepreneur, and digital nomad, who has experience working with leading companies including Oracle, Pearson, and BP. He is on a mission to revolutionize the broken hiring process, making it easier and faster for people to land their best jobs.

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The CareerHigher team has helped a high volume of talents elevate their careers through our holistic job search optimization solution. At CareerHigher, we understand that you deserve security, growth, fulfillment, high compensation, and flexibility in your career. So, our highly experienced, global team uses an exclusive framework to help you land in-demand Top Jobs with strong future prospects synced with your strengths and needs.

Additionally, we know that job searching can be frustrating, effort-intensive, and time-consuming. So, we support you in every step of the way, decreasing the effort required by you and increasing your chances of landing suitable offers, faster. Lastly, we strive to offer an empathetic, seamless, and personalized experience, supporting you and keeping you on track during challenging times. We are in this together!


We enable talents to identify, apply for, and land their Top Job


To help people build the careers they deserve


We are a Team, Reliable, Trustworthy, Quality-focused, Consistent, Empathetic, Curious, Passionate, Positive, Fun


We are a proven team of ex-recruiters, career coaches, consultants, writers, and analysts. CareerHigher has now grown to a team of 20+ members working in different parts of the world. Meet our team below:

Andy Agouridis Picture

Andy Agouridis»

CEO & Founder

Andy created CareerHigher to help unfulfilled talent do what they love. He has a track record of helping candidates succeed in challenging career changes. Andy is also a Careers writer and speaker featured by Forbes, Business Insider, and LinkedIn.

Before partnering with candidates, Andy worked in HR roles with Oracle, Pearson, and BP. Also, he has earned an MSc in HRM from the University of Edinburgh, is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, and a certified Career Coach.

Outside of work, Andy loves traveling, adventure, and the digital nomad lifestyle.

Alaa Alhamdan's Photo

Alaa AlHamdan»

COO & Co-Founder

Alaa is a creative professional with a track record of helping businesses increase traffic, boost conversion, and transform prospects into loyal customers by designing and implementing various technology-based & data-driven strategies. He has more than 15 years of enterprise-level experience leading research, data intelligence, SEO & marketing, and solutions development in the banking, research & consultancy, and training sectors.

He ensures strategic initiatives are translated into practical solutions leveraging the latest technology and effectively implemented within the organization. Alaa holds an MSc in Economics from Birzeit University in Palestine.

Outside of work, Alaa likes strategy games and soccer.

Nizar Hawawreh Photo

Nizar Hawawreh»

Interim CTO

Nizar is an experienced Full Stack Software Engineer with a long list of technologies experience and systems designing and development skills with a wide knowledge of applications designing, building, and deploying, end to end.

He has more than 8 years of experience leading teams in different companies and building scalable, multi-tenant, optimized, and secure applications and websites. Nizar is highly skilled in front-end and back-end development, quality assurance, automation, and product management. Nizar holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Palestine Technical University in Palestine.

Outside of work, Nizar likes to play a lot of battle royal shooting games like COD Warzone and Fortnite.

Vinisha Prakash's Photo

Vinisha Prakash»

Marketing Manager

Vinisha has a background in HR, Marketing, and Careers. With her knack for storytelling and content writing expertise, she has delivered career content on job search, career strategy, job market, and more. Vinisha holds an MSc in International HRM from the University of Edinburgh. She is also an Associate Member of the CIPD and a certified Life Coach. Additionally, she volunteers time to mentor various undergraduate students in career and skills development.

Outside of work, she spends time on reading, Netflix, and exploring new cafes.

Lea C Photo

Lea Centeno»

Delivery Manager

Lea is an experienced and accomplished Career Strategist. She has an in-depth understanding of resume writing, ATS, LinkedIn, and SEO best practices. This has enabled Lea to help hundreds of career changers to build a more fulfilling career.

Additionally, Lea has comprehensive industry experience working with some of the top global financial institutions, including Citi. In terms of her educational background, she has earned a BSc in Computer Engineering.

Vera Picture

Vera Vigh»

Job Search Coaching Partner

Vera is a dedicated and inspirational career coach with a background in Work and Organizational Psychology and HR. Previously, she has worked for international sustainability companies in multiple countries, specializing in HR consulting, sustainability and international recruitment.

As a psychologist and career coach, she specializes in career development and international transitions, primarily for expatriates. In her free time, she is on a mission to become a professional home cook, finding joy in every ingredient, and indulging in her love for reading, nature, community and culture.

Nartila Pic

Nertila Ahmeti»

Job Search Coaching Partner

Nertila holds a Master’s Degree in Business Development. With over 7 years of experience in HR and Recruitment, she has been able to help candidates land their dream job in companies worldwide. She has worked with global companies, from start-ups to corporate, and has helped with end-to-end recruitment for technical and non-technical roles. As a Coaching Partner, Nertila assists clients in every step of the job search process by listening carefully to their needs.

Working remotely has helped Nertila to collaborate with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and she always enjoys meeting new people. As a bookworm, you can easily find her lost in the world of books. On the creative side, she presses and preserves flowers and turns them into everlasting frames. She loves traveling and is always looking to explore new cities.

Estefania Pocovi Photo

Estefania Pocovi»

Job Search Coaching Partner

Estefania is an Organizational Psychologist with a strong HR background, bringing 8+ years of experience in Talent Development and Recruitment across Europe, US and Latin America. She has successfully helped candidates in securing their dream roles across different companies, from startups to corporations.

As a Coaching Partner at CareerHigher, her empathetic and detail-oriented approach ensures effective support for professionals. Beyond work, she enjoys painting, reading, and travelling to new destinations.

Jhanine P Photo

Jhanine P»

Job Search Operations Lead

Jhanine’s journey through various roles has honed her skills in team coordination, project management, and strategic communication. With a background in Industrial Engineering, she seamlessly blends a systematic and analytical approach into her work, optimizing processes and enhancing operational efficiency for candidates.

Beyond the confines of her professional life, you’ll find her exploring the ocean, where her passion for adventure takes her to new depths.

Melanie Lasala Photo

Melanie Lasala»

Job Search Doc Writing Principal Consultant

Melanie is a professional resume writer and career consultant with comprehensive experience in helping career changers market themselves successfully. She has a track record of exceeding client expectations through strong delivery and best-in-class customer service.

Melanie has strong industry knowledge that allows her to deliver high-quality products that present client qualifications, experiences, and skillsets effectively. Prior to working in careers, Melanie had the opportunity to work in diverse job functions and earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Jade CareerHigher

Jade Rumol»

Social Media Manager

Jade is a creative content writer with four years of writing experience for clients worldwide. Her dynamic personality and love for learning allows her to effectively take on diverse projects across different fields. Her written works include journals, blogs, books, and social media content.

She is a lover of all things creative- writing, digital drawing, traditional painting, journaling, and more.

Francis Miguel Espenilla Picture

Francis M. Espenilla»

Job Search Solutions Consultant

Francis is a sales and marketing professional with a proven track record of delivering high-performance sales and providing quality pipelines to various companies. He recently transitioned into lead generation and sales roles, using his analytical skills and creativity to drive sales and foster business growth. 

Outside of work, he is a licensed aviator- able to pilot a single-engine Cessna plane.

Deesha Nagpal Photo

Deesha Nagpal»

Senior Job Search Consultant

Deesha is a Master’s in Management, Dean’s Scholar graduate from Imperial College London. She has experience working with young startups across textiles, education consulting, and technology sectors in India, China, and France. Having served as an Education Consultant, she has helped hundreds of students reach top B-schools globally. With a flair for creativity and strong writing expertise, she is highly skilled at crafting resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

Outside of work, she likes to travel and experiment in the kitchen.

Trijun Manoj Picture

Trijun Manoj»

Graphic Designer

Trijun is a top-rated designer with freelancing expertise, collaborating with clients globally. Starting as a ghostwriter, Trijun has evolved into a versatile designer, crafting captivating social media assets, infographics, and landing page designs—all seamlessly executed with Figma mastery.

Beyond the digital canvas, he delights in savoring culinary delights, indulging in animated movies, and creating unforgettable weekend memories with friends.

Noriel Photo

Noriel Mindanao»

Job Search Ops Analyst

Noriel is an experienced Quality Assurance professional, ensuring effective implementation of processes, documentation, and quality.

He uses his expertise and skills to identify the perfect job match for career changers as an Operations Analyst. Outside work, he loves playing online games and discovering different food.

Ndeobi photo

Chess Limson»

Job Search Ops Analyst

Chess is a go-getter and a mom of three wonderful kids. Holding a dual degree, Chess has cultivated a unique skill set over the years, specializing in People and Recruitment. She has experience managing candidates for companies that match their skills, education, training, qualifications, and experience – making sure they land a satisfying job.

Beyond the freelancing realm, she proudly owns a thriving nail and lashes studio, embodying the perfect fusion of professionalism and creativity.

Ankita Gupta photo

Ankita Gupta»

Job Search Ops Analyst

Ankita has a background in the banking sector, where she’s held various roles spanning operations and relationship management. As a Job Search Operations Analyst, she helps job seekers find the perfect match from a pool of available opportunities in the market and customize career documents to match job descriptions precisely, maximizing the chances of success for candidates.

While she is a finance enthusiast, you’ll often find her on the dance floor, where her love for dancing takes center stage.

Laiba Asgar photo

Laiba Asgar»

Job Search Ops Analyst

Laiba is a highly skilled HR professional and expert Resume Writer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for helping individuals achieve their career goals. With a background in HR and extensive experience in resume writing, Laiba possesses a deep understanding of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and LinkedIn optimization. Her dedication to her craft has empowered countless individuals to navigate career transitions and construct compelling resumes that showcase their unique strengths and achievements. Furthermore, Laiba brings a strong academic foundation, having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

Carol H photo

Carol H»

Job Search Ops Analyst

Carol is an experienced HR professional specializing in Employee Relations and Recruitment functions. Carol has proven success in offshore recruiting in various industries including Finance, Supply Chain, IT, Learning & Development and Legal. As a Psychology graduate, she has an innate interest in engaging with people and learning about their crafts which motivates her to help her clients land their dream jobs.

Moreover, she finds joy and inspiration in exploring new places and culinary experiences.

Stephen King photo

Stephen King»

Job Search Ops Analyst

Stephen has 6 years of experience in Human Resources that highly focuses on Employee Relations and Conflict Management in the Logistics Industry. Additionally, Stephen has worked in the Hospitality Industry for about 10 years and some leading companies in the travel industry. This enables him to help individuals find a perfect job that suits their interests and goals.

Outside work, he enjoys Scuba Diving and actively promotes social awareness for ocean conservation.

Sejal Chordia Photo

Sejal Chordia»

Job Search Ops Analyst

Sejal brings e-commerce management expertise, focusing on researching new products. In her role as an Operations Analyst, she is dedicated to assisting individuals in discovering the right job that aligns with their interests. Beyond work, her passion for yoga and meditation thrives.

Ghayas Ali photo

Ghayas Ali»

Job Search Doc Writing Senior Consultant

Ghayas is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with 5+ years of experience writing premium-quality career documents spanning ATS professional resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile optimization, and executive biographies for 50+ industries.

He is skilled in conducting consultations, analyzing client requirements, recommending personalized branding strategies, providing job search tools, and helping clients stand out in competitive job markets.

Ghayas has established himself as a trusted advisor in the realm of career development, serving 3000+ clients across the globe, and has a solid commitment to helping individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life achieve their career aspirations.

Vinnie Espenilla Picture

Vinnie Espenilla»

Job Search Solutions Consultant

Vinnie has experience managing data for various clients, ensuring streamlined and error-free information flow. He takes pride in delivering top-notch results, consistently meeting deadlines and going above and beyond to make sure clients are satisfied.

Outside of work he likes to play video games and do sports.

Oscar Risueño
Oscar Risueño

Job Search Solutions Consultant

Dimo Papageorgiou
Dimo Papageorgiou

Job Search Solutions Consultant

Hope Nimaa
Hope Nimaa

Job Search Solutions Consultant

Sophia Nike
Sophia Nike

Job Search Solutions Consultant


Who is it for?

We’d love to help you if:

You struggle to find the time to apply for jobs

You feel your job applications could be improved
You find employer communications puzzling
You’re unsure how to identify relevant vacancies
You haven’t adopted a data-driven job search approach yet
Your application success rate could be improved
You find the job search process stressful


Why You Should Care

On average, finding a new job takes 6 months (Bureau for Labor Statistics)

Our clients land a new job in 4.4 months on average, which is 27% faster than other candidates. For someone who makes $150,000 per annum, this means receiving $20,000 extra income before tax.

Talents spend an average of 11 hours of effort per week job searching and a total of 282 hours throughout their search (LinkedIn).

Our clients only put 4 hours of effort per week on average or 75 hours in total. So, CareerHigher clients put 73% less effort into their search, saving 207 hours.

40% of talents feel they are underpaid (Gallup). When changing jobs, talents get a 5.2% compensation increase on average (World Economic Forum).

91% of CareerHigher clients increase their compensation with talents getting an average of 10.5% pay bump. For someone earning $150,000, a 10.5% compensation increase means making approx. $16,000 more every year before tax.

66% of talents are not engaged at work (Gallup). When they change jobs, 30% of new joiners leave their job within the first 90 days (Harvard Business Review).

93% of our clients find their new job more fulfilling than their previous one with only 3% leaving within the first 90 days. In other words, with CareerHigher you’re 10 times more likely to find a long-term role.

Talents often feel stressed, anxious, and depressed during the job search process (Inc).

96% of CareerHigher clients agree that working with us makes the job search process less painful. In fact, 82% of our clients say that they enjoyed going through the job search process with us.


What Do Clients Say

Upwork top rated and 100% job completion rate

“Exceptional service and I can’t recommend it enough. The process was very easy and engaging, with an extraordinary outcome”

5 stars review on Fiverr

“CareerHigher didn’t fail one bit, the questions asked, the details and effort put in, was absolutely above expectations.”

Five stars review on Trustpilot

“In just 3 months, I had an offer in hand from a global firm in the position I was seeking, with a 35% increase in my compensation”


Clients Hired By

Clients hired by logos

CareerHigher, International House, 64 Nile Street, London, N1 7SR, United Kingdom

Operating Hours
Weekdays 09:00 – 17:00 GMT/BST




Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by unfair advantage?

The phrase unfair advantage means having exclusive access to valuable resources that can give you a distinct competitive edge. In this case, we help our clients beat the competition and land their best jobs. For clarity, our help is always legal, ethical, and in line with job search best practices.

2. Can you help me increase my compensation?

91% of CareerHigher clients increase their compensation with talents getting an average of 10.5% pay bump. This is more than double compared to the average 5.2% compensation increase people get when changing jobs . For someone earning $150,000 per year, this means making approx. $8,000 more every year.

3. Can you help me land a job faster?

Our clients land a new job in 4.4 months on average, which is 27% faster than other candidates. For someone who makes $150,000 per annum, this means receiving approx. $20,000 extra income before tax.

4. Can you help me land a more fulfilling job?

93% of our clients find their new job more fulfilling than their previous one with only 3% leaving within the first 90 days. In other words, with CareerHigher you’re 10 times more likely to find a long-term role compared with the industry average.

5. Can you help me land a job effortlessly?

Talents spend an average of 11 hours of effort per week job searching and a total of 282 hours throughout their search (LinkedIn). Our clients only put 4 hours of effort per week on average or 75 hours in total. So, CareerHigher clients put 73% less effort into their search, saving 207 hours.

6. Can you make the job search process smoother for me?

96% of CareerHigher clients agree that working with us makes the job search process less painful. In fact, 82% of our clients say that they enjoyed going through the job search process with us.

7. How is CareerHigher different from recruiters?


  • Work for employers
  • Manage specific vacancies
  • Reach out to you only if they consider you a good fit for a role
  • Aren’t focused on candidates


  • Work with candidates
  • Help candidates land any role they want based on their needs and strengths
  • Help all candidates
  • Are on a mission to enable candidates land their Top Job
8. What roles or industries do you specialize in?

Our approach is industry-and-role-agnostic and we love to support all talents.

Having said that, we have a wide understanding of all major industries including Technology, Finance, Energy, Insurance, Professional Services, and more.

Also, we understand a wide variety of job functions and jobs including both business and technology.

9. Where are you based?

We are a global team with a remote-first culture.

Our headquarters are in London, United Kingdom, however, our team is spread around the world.

This setup enables us to deeply understand all the markets we serve and offer high-quality work to all our clients.

10. Do you take clients in different geographies?

Our approach is geography-agnostic.

Having said that, we have a deep understanding of all major markets including the US and the UK.

11. Who will work on my project?

We have a skilled team of professional Job Search Coaches, Consultants, Writers, and Analysts who will work with you depending on your project scope.

You can meet our team here.

12. How do you identify the best consultant for each project?

While every member of the team has significant experience in job search optimization, each consultant specializes in different types of projects.

We use your professional background, experience, and expertise to pair you up with the most aligned resource that can deliver a high-quality service.

13. How do I contact support?

For general queries, you can write to us at info@careerhigher.co.

For more information, check out our Contact Us page.

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