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Personal Branding & Professional Networking

Want to use the power of branding and networking, stand out from other candidates, and win more interviews and job offers? Let us help you!



We work with you to create and utilize a professional networking plan to capitalize on your existing network. Also, we collaborate to plan and execute a LinkedIn personal branding strategy aligned with your job search goals, which can enable new relevant connections and relationships.

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It is no secret that the competition for in-demand jobs can be fierce. Talents who are looking to make the most of their job search can benefit from activities that go above and beyond the standard application process, as these can enable them to stand out and maximize their results. Enter, professional networking and personal branding.

Professional networking is all about leveraging one’s existing network in a job search context. This low-hanging fruit activity can generate great results. However, it’s often overlooked by candidates. We are here to coach talents on how to plan and execute professional networking in a structured, simple, and effective way.

When it comes to personal branding, there is a lot of vague and confusing information out there. Through this solution, we will work with you to create a proven LinkedIn personal branding plan aligned with your job search goals and your profile. Then, we will support you to put it into action. Simple!


How Much Does It Cost?

Professional Networking & Personal Branding Coaching

A practical networking and branding solution to boost your job search results


  • Learning a systematic, structured, and effective professional networking process.
  • Advice on how to build your own professional networking plan.
  • Support in executing your professional networking plan.
  • Learning a proven personal branding approach on LinkedIn.
  • Drafting a personal branding plan tailored to your profile and needs.
  • Help with creating content, engaging with your audience, and building relationships in practice.

$490 | £425 | €459

 We are currently offering discounts on this solution.


Why Partner with a CareerHigher Professional Networking & Personal Branding Coach?

Learn a proven professional networking and personal branding approach

Develop a networking and branding plan tailored to your profile and needs

Get expert support on how to put your plan into action

Make the most of your existing network
Build new connections and relationships that can help with your job search
Stand out from other applicants with a unique approach
Maximize the job opportunities you generate


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Who is it for?

We can help if

You are unsure how to leverage your network in a job search context
LinkedIn, content creation, and personal branding are not your thing yet
You have ambitious job search goals targeting competitive opportunities
You are looking for ways to stand out and maximize your job search results
You are open to putting some extra effort into your search to gain better results


How It Works

We take clients through the below phases

how it works
We speak on a discovery call to understand your problem, identify a solution together, and get started
We provide advice on how to fill out your professional networking and personal branding success workbooks
We review, refine, and finalize your professional networking and personal branding success workbooks collaboratively
You start using your professional networking and personal branding success workbooks
We support you along the way to ensure you’re successful, making networking and branding clear, easier, and more fun
You generate more job opportunities


Why Work With Us

We make professional networking and personal branding clear, easy, and fun

We provide a battle-tested networking and branding approach tailored to talents

We work with you to build a plan tailored to your needs collaboratively

We provide a holistic solution that allows you to utilize your existing network and build new relationships

We focus on specific activities and tasks that have the potential to generate job opportunities
We are committed to offering a top client experience
We’re humbled to have received excellent reviews from ex-clients


What Do Clients Say

5 stars review on Fiverr
“Exceptional service and I can’t recommend it enough. From the start, Team CareerHigher was in contact and help me all the way through. The process was very easy and engaging, with an extraordinary outcome. Thank you for your great support and for creating a better approach for my future.”
5 stars review on Fiverr
“Great experience. CareerHigher takes a professional approach and will deliver applications that meet highest expectations”
5 stars review on Fiverr

“Awesome experience working with Careerhigher! They were fast, efficient, helpful and enlightening. Really couldn’t have done a better job”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will work on my projects?

We have a skilled team of professional Job Search Consultants and Career Strategists who manage your job search, end-to-end, efficiently. Our experts are highly qualified with years of industry experience. You can meet our team here.

2. How do you help talents with professional networking?
Many candidates don’t leverage their existing network during their job searches. While each talent’s network is unique, the vast majority of people can get valuable help from their (ex-)colleagues, friends, and family if they know how to ask for it. We are here to show people the right approach, help them build a plan, and support them in its execution.
3. How does personal branding help in a job search context?
We’re glad you asked! Personal branding can be an excellent way to get visibility in front of your target audience. In a job search context, this means using LinkedIn to build relationships with recruiters, hiring managers, and business leaders. Also, personal branding can allow you to highlight your candidate value proposition and unique selling points, standing out from other talents and being perceived as a top talent for relevant jobs.
4. How much coaching and consulting is included in the scope of the PBPN solution?

The PBPN solution comes with up to 300 mins of consulting to ensure no questions remain unanswered. Firstly, we work with you to support you in building your professional networking and personal branding success workbooks. At this stage, we offer talents a proven strategy and expert advice on how to apply it in their own networking and branding plans. Then, we support our candidates in the execution of these plans by providing specific advice tailored to their circumstances.

At the end of the PBPN sessions, clients are in BAU mode and ready to continue their networking and branding efforts confidently and effectively.

5. Do you have any more questions?

Read more FAQs here. For any other queries, write to us at info@careerhigher.co