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Interview Preparation and Compensation Negotiation

Tired of job interviews and salary negotiations that don’t convert to suitable offers? Let Us Help You!


Getting relevant interviews is tough, so the stakes are high. With each applicant having only 20% chances of converting an interview to an offer, being prepared is key. Also, negotiating is the only way to land the best offer.

So, we provide tailored interview advice followed by mock interviews to help you boost your performance and confidence. Also, we share with you our proven negotiation process, help you build a business case, and provide specific advice, so that you can get what you deserve.


How Much Does It Cost?

Job Search Optimization

One-Off Setup

Everything you need to run a successful job search.


🔷 Base Career Clarity Coaching
       Price: $490 | £425 | €450

  • Up to 300 mins of job search coaching and consulting
  • Employment market research
  • Needs definition
  • Strengths definition
  • Target Job definition
  • Career clarity documentation

🔷 Base Job Search Document Writing
        Price: $490 | £425 | €450

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • LinkedIn profile copy
  • Email outreach templates
  • LinkedIn outreach templates
  • Job search doc consultation call
  • Up to 3 document versions

🔷 Base Branding and Networking Strategy
       Price: $490 | £425 | €450

  • Up to 120 mins of branding coaching and advice
  • Up to 120 mins of networking coaching and advice
  • LinkedIn content matrix
  • Networking outreach list
🔷 Base Interview Prep and Compensation Negotiation
       Price: $490 | £425 | €450

  • Interviewing market research
  • Comp market research
  • Up to 180 mins of interview coaching
  • Up to 60 mins of comp negotiation coaching
  • Interview success workbook
  • Negotiation success workbook

Bundle Discounted Price

🚀 $1490 | £1290 | €1390

Job Search Optimization

Monthly Subscription

Ongoing support until you land your best job offer.


🔷 Job Search Operations Management
         Price: $590 | £490 | €550

  • 50 job applications per month
  • Weekly 30-mins job applications strategic call
  • Ongoing practical email support

🔷 Ongoing Job Search Document Writing
        Price: $290 | £250 | €275

  • 25 resumes tailored at a vacancy level per month
  • Monthly job search document review

🔷 Ongoing Branding and Networking Support
        Price: $190 | £160 | €175

  • Identification of up to 50 employer contact details per month
  • Weekly 30-mins branding and networking check-in
🔷 Ongoing Interview Prep and Compensation Negotiation
       Price: $190 | £160 | €175

  • Market research for up to 4 opportunities per month
  • Up to 4 ad hoc 30-mins interview and negotiation sessions

🔷 Career Clarity Coaching Monthly Review
       Price: $75 | £65 | €70

  • Monthly 60-mins session to review job search goals

Bundle Discounted Price

🚀 $990 | £850 | €890


Why Choose Interview Preparation & Compensation Negotiation

Get expert advice on how to answer relevant questions
Become more confident and less anxious about interviewing and negotiating
Get feedback to improve your performance
Enhance your interview body language

Ace your interviews and get more job offers

Increase your compensation through effective negotiation
Get ongoing ad-hoc support for important opportunities

Let’s Get You Ready For Your Next Interview!


Who is it for?

We can help if

You are not getting offers for your target jobs

You get anxious and stressed thinking about interviews

You feel you don’t always communicate your skills in the best way

You are underpaid

You aren’t sure if you negotiate your compensation in the best way

Salary negotiations drain you emotionally


Clients Hired By

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How It Works

We take clients through the below phases

how it works
Offline requirements gathering | Client & CareerHigher
Conduct market research | CareerHigher
Draft interview preparation workbook | CareerHigher
Use interview preparation workbook to prepare | Client
Practice through mock interview sessions | Client & CareerHigher
Draft compensation negotiation workbook | CareerHigher
Use compensation negotiation workbook to prepare | Client
Practice through compensation negotiation session | Client & CareerHigher
Get ongoing interview preparation and compensation negotiation support | Client & CareerHigher


Why Work With Us

Ex-clients love us – check out some testimonials here

We have a team of ex-recruiters, coaches, consultants, analysts, and writers ready to support you
We offer talents a personalized, seamless, and empathetic job search experience
We provide an end-to-end, all-inclusive, and tailored career solution
We are here to partner with you throughout your job search


What Do Clients Say

Upwork top rated and 100% job completion rate

“It was a great experience, and the treatment was so professional. The communication was clear, and the delivery of the work on time. I highly recommend working with CareerHigher”

5 stars review on Fiverr

“CareerHigher didn’t fail one bit, the questions asked, the details and effort put in, was absolutely above expectations”

Five stars review on Trustpilot

This was a great experience and I am grateful I made the decision to do it

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will work on my projects?

We have a skilled team of professional Job Search Coaches ready to help you convert opportunities to suitable offers .

Our experts are highly qualified with years of industry experience. You can meet our team here.

2. How many interview preparation and compensation negotiation sessions will I have?

We offer up to 180 mins of interview coaching and up to 60 mins of comp negotiation coaching.

These sessions are used for interview and negotiation roleplay, feedback, and advice.

3. Can I request more interview preparation or compensation negotiation sessions?

Yes, a client can request more sessions outside the standard scope of services.

However, the in-scope sessions are typically more than enough to complete the process.

4. Do you have any more questions?

Read more FAQs here.

For any other queries, write to us at info@careerhigher.co