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1 | Michael

  • Goal | Increase compensation and join a high-growth business
  • Project Scope | Job search setup & management

Michael is based in New York and has 10+ years of experience in Data. When we partnered, he was looking to take his career to the next level by becoming a leader for a high-growth business.

Initially, our job search strategy focused only on NY. However, the local job market offered only a few opportunities that aligned with Michael’s ambition. For better results, we recommended broadening the scope and shifting focus to remote opportunities across the United States.

This adjustment yielded a significant increase in interview generation. The job search process involved extensive job search, applications, emails, and LinkedIn activity. In fact, establishing connections with employers including Founders & CEOs played a pivotal role in the successful outcome of the search.

Throughout our efforts, we submitted 100+ applications and generated 10+ interviews. Within less than two months, Michael secured a Data Engineering position in the real estate industry for a San-Francisco-based startup including a strong compensation increase and equity agreement. Their CEO said that he was impressed by the tailored email that we sent to him above and beyond the standard job application.

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2 | Itay

  • Goal | Changing careers as an executive
  • Project Scope | End-to-end job search setup & management

We connected with Itay when he was pursuing an executive Master’s in Data at a top institution and working as an Investment Director for a family office. His prior background included being a VP Investment Banking, a leader for a listed startup, and a big-4 management consultant. However, he was looking to shift to a data-focused role.

We started by clearly defining the job search campaigns and tailoring the job search documents. Our recommendations, which he used to define his goals, included roles in Finance, Investment, and Business Strategy, however, with a data focus. We began the job search in Jan 2023.

At first, generating interview opportunities proved difficult. For this, we reviewed the data from initial applications and identified gaps in the strategy. To bridge these gaps, we reached out directly to recruitment agencies and relevant employers, which eventually yielded more positive engagement.

We also made sure he was thoroughly prepared to ace his interviews by coaching him on interview techniques and salary negotiations, boosting his confidence and presentation skills. After five months, Itay secured a position as a Senior Leader of Corporate Finance with Yinson. Importantly, the role came with a pay bump and his responsibilities include data-related projects aligned with his interests.

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3 | Haralds

  • Goal | Increasing compensation and responsibilities
  • Project Scope | Job search setup & management

Haralds is a returning client who first purchased our services in 2021 and returned in 2023 to change jobs again. He was seeking remote Marketing Leadership roles in the UK with a significant compensation.

His job search focused on high-level marketing roles such as CMO, Marketing Director, Growth Director, Head of Marketing, and Head of Growth. His main interest was in B2B companies, primarily startups and scaleups.

Once his job search goals were clearly defined, we tailored his job search documents, including his CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, to align with his campaign strategy. This tailored approach significantly increased his visibility and inbound interest from potential employers.

We commenced his job search in August 2023, combining job applications with direct LinkedIn and email outreach to hiring managers. Haralds contributed by sharing additional opportunities that caught his interest. We prepared him for interviews and salary negotiations through targeted coaching.

Just one month into the search, Haralds secured a marketing leadership role with Mindgard. The role was aligned with his ambition and allowed him to boost his pay too.

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4 | Vic

  • Goal | Changing geographies
  • Project Scope | Job search setup & management

Vic is a repeat client, having utilized our services in 2021 and in 2023 – in both cases successfully. After helping Vic land a job in Singapore in 2021, we re-engaged when she was looking to move to North America in 2023.

Vic’s background is in Learning & Development, so we leveraged her experience by focusing on similar roles since she wasn’t looking for a change. However, she was looking to change countries and industries, which made the search challenging. After setting specific, relevant, and actionable goals, we proceeded to create customized job search documents, including resumes, pitch emails, and LinkedIn copy.

Our search began in June 2023, incorporating strategies including direct applications, LinkedIn networking, and email outreach to connect with potential employers. The first month presented challenges in generating interviews, but persistence paid off. By the second month, Vic began receiving interview calls, and soon after she secured an advisory role in L&D at a well-known university. Also, she boosted her compensation, enjoys the role, and loves her new home.

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5 | Charles

  • Goal | Landing a more exciting job
  • Project Scope | Job search setup & management

Charles is a Front-end Developer with five years of experience specializing in enhancing user interfaces and user experiences for web applications, skilled in technologies like React, TypeScript, and Next.js.When we met, he was a Front-end Developer for a holiday booking platform and was targeting Full-stack Engineer, Front-end Engineer, or React Engineer roles.

We launched his job search in March 2024. Initially, we faced some challenges as Charles wasn’t experienced in all of the technologies required for the roles he preferred. However, our approach allowed him to stand out from other candidates and gain visibility by relevant employers. He was invited to interview in April and ended up landing an offer a couple of weeks later.

Charles loves the new role, as it gives him exposure to new technologies and responsibilities, allowing him to grow into a Tech leader. Also, he landed a solid compensation package and joined a high-growth startup in the Telco industry.

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6 | Oxana

  • Goal | Fulfilling work and smooth job search experience
  • Project Scope | End-to-end job search setup & management

Oxana, based in London, reached out to CareerHigher to explore new job opportunities, aiming to use her extensive experience in business analysis and robotic process automation. Having a background working at top firms like SAP, Accenture, and KPMG, her main goal was to find a fulfilling and flexible job, allowing her to balance her career with her family commitments.

Commencing our job search strategy for Oxana, we first understood her needs and profile and we helped her set the right goals. Then, we initiated three targeted job search campaigns focusing on positions including Business Analyst, Change Manager, and SOX Specialist.

The search began in December 2022. In addition to the standard application process, we proactively identified and reached out to hiring managers via LinkedIn and email. To maximize results, we supplemented the standard application with recruitment agency outreach.

Also, we ensured Oxana was thoroughly prepared for any potential interviews. Our comprehensive interview preparation coaching focused on enhancing her communication skills, refining her responses to common and complex interview questions, and developing strategies for negotiating salary and benefits.

Our efforts yielded results in less than 3 months. After generating interviews for 10+ opportunities, Oxana secured a position as an RPA Business Analyst. The role came with a competitive compensation package higher than her previous compensation, comprehensive benefits, and 25 days of holiday. Most importantly, it’s a job that she loves and allows her the flexibility she needs. Winning!

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7 | Samer

  • Goal | Transitioning into Sales Leadership
  • Project Scope | Job search setup & management

Samer has 15+ years of experience in Sales. When we engaged, he was looking for sales and purchasing leadership roles in financial hubs in the GCC region.

We started with career clarity coaching to understand Samer’s background, goals, and areas of expertise thoroughly. Based on this, we launched targeted job search campaigns tailored to his profile, including Sales and Supply Chain Management. For each campaign, we created personalized documents, including resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, along with email and LinkedIn pitches for hiring managers.

In the beginning of the search, we faced some challenges in getting interviews due to his relocation and sponsorship requirements. However, we fine-tuned our strategy by increasing the volume of applications, initiating outreach campaigns to recruitment agencies, and sending speculative applications to relevant companies. This adjustment broadened our reach and we submitted more than 200 applications throughout the search.

In less than three months, our collaborative LinkedIn efforts caught the attention of recruiters. This led directly to an interview and subsequently, a job offer. He secured a Strategic Sales Manager role in an insurance company. His compensation package is significantly more attractive, offering 2X the income and improved benefits compared to his previous role.

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Why You Should Care

On average, finding a new job takes 6 months (Bureau for Labor Statistics)

Our clients land a new job in 4.4 months on average, which is 27% faster than other candidates. For someone who makes $150,000 per annum, this means receiving $20,000 extra income before tax.

Talents spend an average of 11 hours of effort per week job searching and a total of 282 hours throughout their search (LinkedIn).

Our clients only put 4 hours of effort per week on average or 75 hours in total. So, CareerHigher clients put 73% less effort into their search, saving 207 hours.

40% of talents feel they are underpaid (Gallup). When changing jobs, talents get a 5.2% compensation increase on average (World Economic Forum).

91% of CareerHigher clients increase their compensation with talents getting an average of 10.5% pay bump. For someone earning $150,000, a 10.5% compensation increase means making approx. $16,000 more every year before tax.

66% of talents are not engaged at work (Gallup). When they change jobs, 30% of new joiners leave their job within the first 90 days (Harvard Business Review).

93% of our clients find their new job more fulfilling than their previous one with only 3% leaving within the first 90 days. In other words, with CareerHigher you’re 10 times more likely to find a long-term role.

Talents often feel stressed, anxious, and depressed during the job search process (Inc).

96% of CareerHigher clients agree that working with us makes the job search process less painful. In fact, 82% of our clients say that they enjoyed going through the job search process with us.


The CareerHigher Effect

601% Return on Investment and $25,050 Profit within 18 Months

CareerHigher Services ROI

Without CareerHigher, a talent whose last compensation was $150,000 and is looking for work would make an average of $157,800 in 18 months before tax.

With CareerHigher, the same talent would make an average of $187,850 before tax over a period of 18 months. After subtracting our fee, this is $25,050 more income before tax.

In other words, the talent would get an average RoI of 601% within 18 months, which would increase further over time.

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Harry is a talent looking for work. His last compensation was $150,000.

Job Search without CareerHigher

If Harry doesn’t work with CareerHigher, it will take him an average of 6 months to find his next job. Once he does, he will start making $157,800 per annum before tax based on the average 5.2% compensation increase that people get when changing jobs.

Job Search with CareerHigher

If Harry invests in our end-to-end solution, it may cost him around $5,000, which he can pay over time using buy-now-pay-later.

Our clients get an average compensation bump of 10.5%, based on which Harry will make $165,750 per annum before tax. Also, we help clients to land their next job in 4.4 month on average, which means Harry will receive $22,100 extra before tax due to landing a job faster.

Financial comparison

After 18 months, Harry will have made $157,800 before tax without CareerHigher. With CareerHigher, he will have made $187,850 before tax, which is $30,050 more. Even after subtracting our fee, he will still have made $25,050 more before tax.

RoI analysis:

Harry will get a RoI of 601% within 18 months. Also, this RoI would increase further over time due to his higher compound earning potential.

While the above example is based on the average data which may be different from your job search, it can be used as an illustration of the potential RoI of partnering with CareerHigher.


Why Work With Us

Ex-clients love us – check out some testimonials here

We deliver better job search results

We offer a personalized job search experience

We provide a complete job search solution

We offer strong value for money and buy-now-pay-later options


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is CareerHigher different from recruiters?


  • Work for employers
  • Manage specific vacancies
  • Reach out to you only if they consider you a good fit for a role
  • Aren’t interested in candidates


  • Work with candidates
  • Help candidates land any role they want
  • Help all candidates
  • Are on a mission to enable candidates land their Top Job
2. What are the core career solutions that you provide?

CareerHigher provides tailored career solutions to help you find your Top Job. We offer a Job Search Success Program, An end-to-end, all-inclusive, and managed job search program based on results. Available only for selected talents based on their location, profile, and goals.

We also provide Job Search Optimization Solutions, which are flexible, tailored, and cost-efficient job search solutions. These include Career Clarity Coaching, Resumes, Pitches, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profile Writing, Job Search Management, and Interview Preparation and Salary Negotiation Coaching.

Additionally, we offer free career advice on Resume Writing, Job Search Strategy, Interview Preparation, and more to help you with your job search. You can find more about our career solutions here.

3. What roles or industries do you specialize in?

Our approach is industry-and-role-agnostic. We have a deep understanding of all major markets industries including Tech, Finance, Energy, Insurance, Professional Services, and more. We have consultants specialized in different geographies and have helped candidates from all job functions.

4. Where are you based?

We are a global team with a remote-first culture. Our headquarters are in London, United Kingdom, however, our team is spread around the world. This setup enables us to deeply understand all the markets we serve and offer high-quality work to all our clients.

5. Do you take clients in different geographies?

Our approach is geography-agnostic. We have a deep understanding of all major markets including the US and the UK.

6. What is the Job Search Success Program?

The Job Search Success Program is an end-to-end, all-inclusive, and managed job search program based on results. Available only for selected talents based on their location, profile, and goals. We provide comprehensive career coaching sessions, career documentation writing, identification of relevant opportunities, email and LinkedIn marketing campaigns, interview preparation, and more. You can learn more here.

7. What Job Search Optimization Solutions do you provide?

We provide the following Job Search Optimization Solutions: Career Clarity Coaching, Job Search Document Writing, Job Search Management, Interview Preparation, and Compensation Negotiation. You can find more about it here.

8. Do you have any more questions?

Read more FAQs here. For any other queries, write to us at info@careerhigher.co


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