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How to Add Value Through Networking

How to Add Value to Your Target Audience

Networking can be a great job search tool, as it can lead to referrals, which are the best way to get into a business. However, make sure to help your target audience to thank them for their effort too. If you think you don’t have the resources to help someone, think again. Here are 5 ways to add value, create relationships, and ultimately win jobs.

1) Engage with their content

If your target audience is content creators, engaging with their content is an effective way of helping them achieve their professional goals. To do this, you could go through their e-books, blogs, newsletters, or podcasts. If their content resonates with you, leave reviews or comments to support them. This also enhances the chances of them remembering you which might benefit you in the long run.

2)  Curate content

Curating your target audience’s content enhances its reach and engagement. Again, if your target audience is a content creator, this is an impactful way of adding value to them. It demonstrates your interest in their work, creating a good impression. We suggest adding links to the original content along with a personalized caption to reflect its impact on you. However, make sure to fact-check any content before sharing.

3) Introduce them to others in your network

Your LinkedIn network includes a diverse group of individuals who can support each other professionally. After you have had a conversation with your target audience about your goals and needs, you could check with them if they want to connect with someone in your network. This will be a good way to support them back with their goals. It can help professionals who want to build connections in your geography, industry, or business. In this case, you could introduce them to the relevant people, helping them strengthen their network.

You could reach out to them in the following manner:

Hi <name>

Thank you for speaking with me earlier today. Your suggestions and tips were helpful. To thank you for your help, I would be more than happy to connect you with anyone in my network. Let me know if you need a referral or an introduction.

Have a nice day!


<Your name>

4) Connect recruiters/headhunters with prospects

In some cases, you may speak with a recruiter or headhunter but may not find any leads. In this scenario, you could connect them with other prospects as a sign of thanking them. You could check during your in-person conversation with them or send a polite message later saying-

Hi < name>

Thank you for speaking with me earlier today. While I understand there are no relevant opportunities for me right now, let me know if you are looking for talent for a specific profile. I’d be happy to connect you with some relevant candidates from my network, if possible.

Have a nice day!


<Your name>

5) Support them with your expertise

If you are speaking with someone who may need support within your area of expertise, you could help them with your experience and skills too. You can offer to provide your services, and products, or advise them on relevant aspects. For example, if you are experienced in advertising, you could reach out to them after your initial meeting with a message like this:

Hi < name>

Thank you for speaking with me earlier today. I am grateful for your support and resources. I would be more than happy to help you with any relevant aspect of advertising and media planning personally. If required, I would be happy to provide my services to you, as well. Let me know if a need arises and we can speak again.

Have a nice day!


<Your name>

We strongly recommend reaching out to your target audience after your conversation and thanking them for their effort. Send them a little thank-you note and let them know you are open to supporting them in any way possible. While helping your target audience may not always get you a job, kindness is always appreciated.



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