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Salary Negotiation

Want to negotiate your salary like a pro and get paid what you are worth? Let Us Help You!


We offer salary negotiation advice to help professionals negotiate offers like a pro maximizing their compensation for their desired roles.

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Every offer is negotiable! In fact, 70% of hiring managers expect candidates to negotiate salary (Robert Half). However, many professionals miss out on an offer they deserve due to a lack of awareness, constant hesitation, and a fear of rejection. 1 out of 4 people do not negotiate salaries because they don’t know how to and 1 in 10 are scared of salary negotiation consequences (Intuit).

Our salary negotiation solution is aimed at helping professionals like you take the first step towards getting the compensation you deserve. We share with you our proven negotiation process, help you build a business case, and provide specific advice, so that you can get what you deserve.


Why Partner with a CareerHigher Salary Negotiation Specialist

Increase your salary
Get other relevant monetary and non-monetary compensation elements
Maximize your long-term earning potential

Let’s Get You The Salary You Deserve!


Who is it for?

We can help if

You are underpaid

You aren’t sure if you negotiate your compensation in the best way

You dread salary negotiations


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How It Works

We take clients through the below phases

how it works
We speak on a discovery call to understand your needs
We send you a tailored salary negotiation success workbook to prepare for our discussion
Our salary negotiation specialist provides specific advice and answers your questions
You ace your salary discussion


Why Work With Us

We have helped multiple experienced professionals improve their compensation packages
We have designed a best-practice compensation negotiation process that allows us to maximize your income

We have strong recruitment, coaching, and career consulting capability

We are committed to offering a top client experience

We’re humbled to have received excellent reviews from ex-clients


What Do Clients Say

Upwork top rated and 100% job completion rate

“CareerHigher provides top-quality career advancement services. I’ve worked with them during the pandemic and their services have enabled me to get closer to my career goals”

5 stars review on Fiverr

Great quality of work and strong customer experience

Five stars review on Trustpilot

“In just 3 months I had an offer in hand from a global firm in the position I was seeking and with a 35% increase in my compensation”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who will work on my projects?

We have a skilled team of Salary Negotiation Specialists who work on your negotiation technique, style, and content. Our experts are highly qualified with years of industry experience. You can meet our team here.

2. How many Salary Negotiation sessions will I have?

The interview preparation & salary negotiation solution takes candidates through the entire process required to convert interview opportunities to suitable offers. The number of sessions is flexible depending on a client’s needs with up to 300 minutes of interview preparation and compensation negotiation included. In the unlikely event that a candidate needs more time, they can purchase additional sessions separately.

3. Can I request more salary negotiation discussions?

Yes, a client can purchase more salary negotiation sessions. The number of sessions is flexible and can be added on an ad-hoc basis depending on the client’s needs.

4. Do I have to buy packaged solutions or do you offer standalone services as well, e.g. resume writing only?

Depending on the solution, we may offer it independently. In most cases, we offer related solutions as a package. For more information, please check with us directly.

5. Do you have any more questions?

Read more FAQs here. For any other queries, write to us at info@careerhigher.co

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