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How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation (With Examples)

How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation (With Examples)

A LinkedIn recommendation is a powerful tool that can enhance an individual’s professional brand and credibility. Think of it as a personal testimony, showcasing someone’s skills, accomplishments, and character to potential employers. With 95% of recruiters diving deep into LinkedIn profiles to find the best talent, it’s evident that the LinkedIn recommendation section isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s essential.

But, have you ever found yourself wondering how to craft a recommendation that truly stands out? Well, you’re not alone. Whether you’re endorsing a colleague, a former employee, or even a business connection, writing a compelling recommendation can make all the difference in their career journey. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to write a LinkedIn recommendation that not only resonates but also elevates. Are you ready to leave a lasting impact?

Tips for Writing an Impactful LinkedIn Recommendation

When writing a LinkedIn recommendation, the goal is to encapsulate the essence of a person’s professional expertise in a way that captivates and convinces. It’s not just about giving praise but more about painting a clear picture of the individual’s unique contributions and skills. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you craft a structured and impactful recommendation:

1) Start with a catchy opening line

The initial step in writing a LinkedIn recommendation is to capture attention with a punchy opening that outlines your connection with the individual in question. This introduction serves as the cornerstone of your testimonial, establishing your credibility and the context of your relationship. An emphatic beginning sets the tone, ensuring your commendation is not just another generic endorsement.

For example, instead of a typical “I had the pleasure of working with John at XYZ Corp,” you might say, “As John’s supervisor at XYZ Corp, I witnessed his exceptional analytical skills and unwavering commitment to excellence, firsthand.” This not only specifies your relationship but also immediately highlights the individual’s strengths, providing a solid foundation for the detailed examples and accolades that will follow in your recommendation.

2) Highlight key strengths and skills

When writing a recommendation, it’s important to focus on the individual’s most important strengths and skills. Think about what makes them stand out in their field. Are they great with numbers, excellent project managers, or do they have a way with words? Make sure to highlight these key qualities in your endorsement to help potential employers see the unique value they bring to the table.

To paint a full picture of the person you’re recommending, make sure you touch on both their hard and soft skills. For example, for a graphic designer you’ve worked with, you might talk about their eye for detail and creativity, but also their ability to understand and bring a client’s vision to life, and how they always hit their deadlines. By showcasing a mix of their technical and people skills, you’re telling potential employers that this person isn’t just great at what they do, but that they’re also a pleasure to work with.

3) Include specific examples of accomplishments

Diving into tangible examples can make a world of difference. Imagine stating, “Jane is an exceptional marketer.” While this is complimentary, it’s more impactful to say, “Under Jane’s leadership, our content marketing campaigns witnessed a 50% increase in engagement, leading directly to a 30% boost in sales.” By illustrating specific achievements, you provide a measurable testament to the individual’s expertise.

Furthermore, remember that accomplishments aren’t solely about numbers. It could be about overcoming challenges, showcasing innovation, or spearheading initiatives. For instance, “During a critical product launch, John devised an innovative solution to a supply-chain hiccup, ensuring timely delivery and preserving client relations.” This underscores the person’s problem-solving skills and ability to shine even under pressure.

4) Speak about their personality

Including a personal anecdote adds a touch of humanity and relatability to your recommendation. It transforms it from a mere list of accolades and attributes into a vibrant portrayal of the individual in action. For instance, if you were writing a recommendation for Jane, a dedicated project manager, you could share a story that showcases her ability to lead with empathy and precision. “During a high-stress project, Jane not only met the tight deadline but also went the extra mile to ensure each team member was coping well with the pressure. Her attentive leadership not only bolstered our project’s success but also fostered a positive work environment.”

Likewise, in describing personal qualities, aim to align them with professional skills. “Jane’s kindness isn’t just felt in the office. It translates into her management style, making her an approachable leader who values each team member’s input. This unique combination of empathy and professionalism is what sets her apart in the competitive field of project management.” By intertwining personal attributes with professional strengths, you paint a holistic picture of the individual, providing a compelling narrative that stands out in the minds of potential employers.

5) End with a compelling conclusion

To put it simply, finishing off your recommendation with a strong and positive statement makes your support for the person really stand out. Think of it as the grand finale of your letter, where you underline just how perfect the person is for the job or field they’re aiming for. It’s like the cherry on top that ties everything together neatly.

A great conclusion doesn’t just repeat your support but also highlights the person’s unique qualities and achievements you’ve talked about in your recommendation. For example, you could wrap up with something like, “Given Jane’s creative solutions, top-notch leadership skills, and solid track record, I have no doubt she’ll be a valuable asset to any team or project.” This not only restates what you’ve said but also brings together all the key points of your recommendation, showing that the person is truly outstanding. So, make sure your final words are full of confidence and leave a lasting impression.

LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

Let’s take a look at some examples that highlight the must-haves of a stellar LinkedIn recommendation. These will guide you in crafting a message that showcases the individual’s skills and catches the eye of potential employers. By following these examples, your testimonial will not only stand out but also truly help the person you’re recommending get closer to landing their dream job.

Example #1: LinkedIn recommendation for a coworker

John’s got a real knack for solving tricky problems and knows his way around the world of electrical engineering like the back of his hand. We’ve worked on a bunch of projects together, and he’s the kind of guy who brings both smart and a good vibe to the team.

He’s always got a smile on his face, no matter how tough the going gets, and he really knows his stuff. I’d tell anyone looking for a top-notch engineer to give John a call. He’d be a great catch for any team.

Example #2: LinkedIn recommendation for a direct report

Jane really knows her stuff when it comes to social media. She wowed us from the get-go, showing us how to use TikTok before most of us had even heard of it. In just 3 years, she went from coordinator to team lead because she’s got this knack for spotting trends and turning them into cool strategies that really work for our clients.

What’s really cool about Jane is she’s not just all talk. She really gets things moving. She can even make the biggest, slowest companies pick up the pace. I’d grab the chance to work with her again in a heartbeat.

Example #3: LinkedIn recommendation for a direct supervisor or manager

Andy is an exceptional leader, having been my direct supervisor for 2 years before his well-deserved promotion to VP of Sales. His coaching was transformative, taking me from hitting my sales target half the time to consistently exceeding it.

Beyond his training skills, Andy fosters an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives, strengthening our team dynamic. If you have the opportunity to work under Andy’s guidance, don’t hesitate to take it.

Example #4: LinkedIn recommendation for someone junior to you

Mary is a standout account coordinator who skillfully handled reporting, scheduling, and research for 5 account managers, including me. Her proactive approach to forging relationships with editors and finding innovative opportunities for our clients showcases her passion for PR.

Her contributions extend beyond her job description, as she is always willing to share her expertise, like when she significantly improved my PowerPoint presentations. Any PR team would be fortunate to have Mary, and I am excited to watch her career flourish.

Example #5: LinkedIn recommendation for someone senior to you

During my time at Company A, Jude taught me so much about leading a team. As I worked on projects, I saw firsthand how he made everyone feel valued and listened to, especially in a field that’s known to be tough. It was refreshing to see such a positive approach in our industry.

Jude’s ability to make everyone feel like their ideas matter isn’t just a sign of his great management skills but also shows what a great person he is. This combination of professional know-how and personal kindness makes him stand out as a leader in our field. I can’t recommend him enough and I’m sure that he would be a fantastic addition to any team.

Steps on How to Publish a LinkedIn Recommendation

Now that you’ve drafted a compelling LinkedIn recommendation, let’s walk through the steps of actually publishing it. Whether you’re using LinkedIn’s mobile app or prefer the desktop version, the process is straightforward and hassle-free. Here’s how you can seamlessly post one.

1) Once logged in, find the profile of the person you want to give the recommendation to.

2) Click the “More” button underneath their profile photo and title, and select “Recommend” in the drop-down list.

3) Select your relationship with the person you are recommending.

4) Select the person’s position at the time you are giving them the recommendation.

5) Write (or copy-paste) your recommendation.

6) Click “Send”.

Key Things to Remember When Writing a LinkedIn Recommendation

A compelling LinkedIn recommendation can significantly amplify an individual’s professional narrative, acting like a spotlight on their best qualities and achievements. Start with a catchy opening followed by a deep dive into what makes them amazing at what they do. Then, share some personal anecdotes that show off their character. This blend of professional wins and personal qualities creates a full picture that’s sure to catch the eye of future employers. So, arm yourself with these insightful tips and start writing a recommendation that truly helps someone boost their chances of landing their top job. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out.