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Careers to Choose in 2022

Top Careers 2022

The year 2022 looks promising in terms of global employment. While it may take some time for the hiring to go back to the pre-pandemic levels, the job market is expected to recover gradually. Companies are expected to hire more this year. The US job market and the global job market have shown signs of improvement. In fact, some new trends such as remote work, freelancing, entrepreneurship, employee wellbeing, and more are expected to rise in the coming years too.

Last year, we listed some careers that were expected to have high demand in 2021. While some of these may remain the same, we are back with another list of high-demand careers that you can choose in 2022. Let’s see below.

1) Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer works on the front and back end of a web application. At the front end, they are responsible for UX, while on the backend, they work on the technical aspects, enhancing the infrastructure and coding. They help with the design and development of software, work on testing and debugging, and ensure cross-platform compatibility and optimization.

Average Salary$113K+ /yr

Top Skills– HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, Git, Web Architecture, Database Management Systems

Top companies hiring for this role– Fiserv, Deloitte, AGM Inc., KPMG, and more

2) Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts design and implement security systems to protect an organization’s data, software, and systems. They are responsible for checking security breaches and protecting sensitive information. They keep themselves updated with information security trends to enhance the quality of security and protection they provide. Additionally, conducting risk assessments, audits, and tests for the proper functioning of security measures is an essential part of their role.

Average Salary- $103K+ /yr

Top Skills- Security Management Frameworks, Network Infrastructure, Client Communication, Data Privacy and Regulations, Cyber and Technical Threat Analyses

Top companies hiring for this role- Pepsico, Black Box, The University of Texas at Dallas, Costco IT, and more

3) Data Scientist

A data scientist is responsible for processing raw and structured data, analyzing it, and communicating the insights to make informed business decisions. They build predictive models and machine-learning algorithms, present information through visualization techniques, and develop data-driven solutions tailored toward the requirements of the organization. Furthermore, data scientists collaborate with other teams, for instance, product development to implement solutions and assess outcomes.

Average Salary- $122K+ /yr

Top Skills- Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Model Deployment, Mathematics & Statistics, and Knowledge of R, SQL, Python.

Top companies hiring for this role- Verizon, Colgate-Palmolive Company, S&P Global Market Intelligence, McKinsey & Company, and more

4) Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is expected to provide excellent healthcare to patients while measuring and maintaining complete health records. They administer medications, prescribe treatments, and perform routine diagnostic checks. A crucial element of a nurse’s responsibilities is being empathetic and providing emotional support to patients. Nurses are required to collaborate with multiple stakeholders including doctors, patients, patients’ family and friends, and top management in the institution.

Average Salary- $120K+ /yr

Top Skills- Attention to detail, Ability to use medical equipment, Computer Literacy, Compassion, Empathy, Teamwork

Top companies hiring for this role- Fairview Health Services, Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, Bluestone Physician Services, UnitedHealth Group, and more

5) Software Developer

Software developers design, develop, test, and maintain software for organizations. They code, fix errors, and upgrade interfaces, enhancing software performance. They direct system testing, prepare reports on project specifications and troubleshoot software issues to enhance the organization’s productivity. Additionally, they work with different teams to understand client demands and use the best practices to deliver the best results. Their goal is to enhance business software processes and interactions, improving the overall efficiency of the company.

Average Salary- $110K+ /yr

Top Skills- Data Structuring and Algorithms, SQL, Linux, Programming languages like C++, Java, Python, and more

Top companies hiring for this role- Atlassian, S&P Global, Google, CITI, Fiserv, and more

6) Diversity & Inclusion Manager

D&I managers may not have been in high demand some years ago. However, with the increase in diversity and inclusion measures in companies, these roles have gained prominence. A D&I manager advises management and HR teams on diversity and inclusion issues, ensuring their policies are fair and welcoming to candidates from all backgrounds. They keep a check on regulatory compliance related to equality and diversity and develop relationships with relevant organizations, such as UK’s Stonewall charity for LGBTQ+ rights.  Additionally, they work on diversity analytics, including benchmarking, tracking metrics, and preparing reports to communicate results to assess and implement D&I measures.

Average Salary- $95K+ /yr

Top Skills- Communications, Training & Development, Knowledge of current D&I trends, Empathy, Labor, and Human Rights Knowledge.

Top companies hiring for this role- The D. E. Shaw Group, Morrison & Foerster LLP, Google, Multiverse, University at Buffalo, and more

7) Statistician

With the enhanced use of data in businesses, there has been an increase in statistics jobs in the industry. The role of statisticians is to analyze and interpret data with the goal of identifying trends and projections. This helps businesses make informed decisions in line with company goals and objectives. They perform statistical analysis to determine the reliability and accuracy of results, using software like SPSS or Stata to analyze and convey information.

Average Salary- $82K+ /yr

Top Skills- Mathematical Ability, Computer Literacy, Analytical Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Industry Knowledge

Top companies hiring for this role- Harnham, Google, AiCure, U.S. Department of Transportation, Eli Lilly and Company, and more

8) Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) specialize in speech pathology to assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, and communication disorders. They provide speech therapy sessions to reduce or cure linguistic challenges. SLPs prepare exercises and activities, work on pathology equipment and provide training and education to caretakers and family members of the patients. They deal with issues related to language, swallowing, behavior, and speech problems. Additionally, they may even treat people with Parkinson’s disease, brain injuries, and a cleft palate.

Average Salary- $89K+ /yr

Top Skills- Verbal and Written Communication, Critical Thinking, Empathy, Patience

Top companies hiring for this role- NYU Langone, Gundersen Health System, Suffolk Center for Speech and Myofunctional Therapy, Genesis Rehab Services, and more

9) Market Research Analyst

As the name suggests, market research analysts are responsible for surveying consumer preferences and the market position of the company in terms of its products and services. They collect data via questionnaires, polls, Google forms, and more. This data is compiled, analyzed, and then used to make product design and pricing decisions. Market research influences business strategy and thus is an important part of any organization. They often use business visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau along with statistical tools like SPSS.

Average Salary- $72K+ /yr

Top Skills- Analytical Skills, Attention to Detail, Commercial Awareness, Accuracy, MS-Office, Detail-Oriented

Top companies hiring for this role- Burns & McDonnell, Fulcrum Research Group, Oracle, McKinsey & Company, and more

10) Fitness Instructors

While fitness instructors have always been in demand, the inactive work-from-home life resulted in an increased demand for fitness instructors. Their core role is to provide fitness training to groups or individuals for a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is inculcating workouts in the daily routine or weight loss journey, fitness instructors’ tasks depend on the needs of their clients. They help in the development and delivery of fitness programs, monitoring the BMI of individuals while motivating them to reach their fitness goals optimally.

Average Salary- $69K+ /yr

Top Skills- Motivational Skills, Customer Service Skills, Physical Assessment, Nutritional Knowledge, First Aid Training, Exercise Equipment Usage & Maintenance

Top companies hiring for this role- Equinox, Namaste Fitness Inc., U.S. Navy MWR, Golds Gym, and more

The year 2022 looks great in terms of employment opportunities. Whether it is returning to the workforce or changing industries, the right resources and advice can take you a long way. If you are looking to try something new, this could be your year. We suggest exploring new roles aligned with your current career. You can start with the above list and look for more resources to identify the best career suited to your needs. If you need any help designing your career strategy for 2022, feel free to reach out to us.