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11 Best Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Best Recruitment Agencies Canada

Statistics Canada’s quarterly report stated that there were over 700,000 job vacancies in the second quarter of 2021, which was 26% more than the same period two years ago. Another survey suggests that over 8% of businesses are expecting to see a boost in job vacancies over this quarter. There has also been an increase in the hiring of foreign workers for some skilled and experience-intensive positions. To fill in these roles, Canadian companies partner with the best international recruitment agencies. So, if you are interested in pursuing a career in Canada, take a look at these 11 top firms that employers use to hire talents both locally and from abroad.

1. Kavin Group

Kavin Group is a Burlington-based agency that provides recruitment support to both job seekers and employers. For more than 80 years, they have been successful in connecting great companies with global talents looking for permanent, temporary, or full-time opportunities. On their website, you can browse through their available job postings in more than 15 different categories, including administration, general labor, customer service, and executive. If you want to be contacted for future opportunities, simply submit your resume and cover letter and fill out a short form.

2. DevTalent

DevTalent is a recruitment agency for engineers by engineers. They have been recruiting, developing, and retaining highly skilled software engineering teams for some of the biggest companies not only in Canada but also across North America. To join their network, you need to sign up on their website. This will allow you to discover and apply for exciting opportunities in more than 25 domain expertise. Their website features diverse positions, including data scientists, agile coaches, network engineers, product owners, scrum masters, and more.

3. Kovasys IT Recruitment

For over 15 years, Kovasys IT Recruitment has been hiring top-notch tech talents globally for Fortune 500, mid-size companies, and tech startups across Canada and the US. They are known to be one of the leading IT recruitment agencies headquartered in Toronto. Whether you’re seeking contract, temporary or permanent tech positions, Kovasys got you covered. Simply upload your resume to their website to browse through and apply for available jobs on their database. Once they receive your resume and find a vacancy matching your expertise, one of their recruiters will contact you, giving you more chances to be connected with your dream company.

4. TM8 Recruitment

TM8 Recruitment offers more than 10 years of experience providing their partner companies access to thousands of candidates worldwide. They specialize in recruiting senior sales and IT talents in the areas of operations, marketing, engineering, and industrial. They also offer unique services to job seekers, including a careers portal on their website where you can browse and apply for jobs either manually or using your Indeed account if you have one. You can also register with TM8 and sign up for career alerts to gain access to exclusive careers that you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Keynote Search

Keynote Search is one of the best executive search and recruitment agencies with a track record of placing executive-level talents with organizations of all sizes across Canada. On their website, you can browse some of the latest executive jobs in 10 different industries, including aerospace, real estate, tech, and professional services, among others. In addition to the job description, they also provide a short overview of the company, allowing you to assess whether or not the company’s culture, passion, and values align with yours. You can easily apply to any vacancies by simply filling out their form and uploading your best-practice career documents.

6. Stevenson & White

Stevenson & White is a Canadian-owned and operated recruitment agency specializing in accounting, finance, and payroll fields. They are well-known in the Ottawa area for their expertise in placing professionals at all levels on permanent, contract, or temporary positions across all business sectors. By submitting an application to one of their available jobs, your personal information will be automatically stored in their database. This gives you an opportunity to get contacted for future opportunities.

7. Local Staffing

Headquartered in Ottawa, Local Staffing is well known as a leading provider of tailored employment solutions for companies across the region. Their areas of specialization include administrative support, light industrial, manufacturing, construction, and customer service. To join their talent pool, you need to fill out an application on their website and submit your resume. It will then be reviewed by their team. If your skill set matches one of their available positions, one of their expert recruiters will reach out to you and schedule an interview with the particular employer.

8. Strategy Group

Strategy Group has more than 16 years of success in connecting highly skilled talents with top companies throughout Canada.  They offer full-service temporary and permanent recruitment solutions and specialize in over 15 job categories. These include legal, hospitality, tech, financial services, healthcare and wellness, and more. To apply to their available positions, you have to send your resume directly to their company email, info@strategy-group.ca.

9. TalentTank Recruiting Inc.

TalentTank Recruiting Inc. is another IT recruitment agency and is considered to be one of the fastest team-building experts in Toronto. They have successfully placed hundreds of candidates in their dream careers with their dream companies over the last several years. You can browse and apply to any vacancies through their job board. In any case, if you can’t find a job you’re interested in, you can call them directly on their telephone number to follow up or discuss further opportunities.

10. AngusOne Staffing

AngusOne Staffing is Vancouver’s number one international recruitment agency. Founded in 1986, its main goal is not only to find market-leading talents for companies across various sectors but also to enhance the careers of their candidate pool. Walk-in candidates are always welcomed. In addition, you can apply directly to jobs through their website or register with them by sending your resume. Doing the latter gives you the chance to immediately get contacted when new jobs that perfectly match your skills become available.

11. Groom & Associates

Groom & Associates is one of Canada’s most respected recruitment firms working with several prestigious companies seeking exceptional talents locally and abroad. Their areas of expertise include IT and AI, science and pharmaceutical, engineering and industrial, and finance and operations. For the last 25 years, they have successfully placed more than 20,000 professionals and executives in permanent and temporary positions. To get started, you need to fill out their registration form, and one of their recruitment experts will immediately contact you to attend to your needs.

All recruitment agencies in this article have only one mission. That is to connect highly qualified talents from around the world with leading Canadian companies. So, if you are a job seeker looking for employment opportunities in Canada, we suggest exploring the above list to see which one can definitely match you to a company that best needs your expertise.