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Different Resume Templates by Industry

How do resume templates differ by industry

Does a template really make a difference to your resume? The answer would be a definitive yes! The enhanced recruiting automation rate has led employers to use software like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to pre-screen candidates. However, the results of this pre-screening may not always be rational. 

ATS is sensitive to improper formatting, structure, and template of a resume. Thus, to progress to the next stage, it is pivotal to have an ATS-friendly resume template. A template lays out the resume’s basic sections, saving you the time and effort of designing it from scratch. It helps you organize and structure your information inappropriate segments. 

In our other posts on resume writing, we have discussed how to write, format, and structure a well-written resume and create strong bullet points. In this article, we will solely focus on different resume templates that can be used based on your target industry. 

1. Template for Traditional Industries

Resume template for traditional industries

Resume template for traditional industries

Traditional industries prefer simple, black and white, and conventional templates as it is in line with their culture. Adding excessive design and colors may have an adverse effect on your application. The above template is a perfect fit for traditional industries such as Banking, Insurance, and Legal.

2. Template for Neutral Industries

Resume template for Neutral Industries

Resume template for Neutral Industries

If you’re applying for positions in neutral industries such as Healthcare, Telco, and retail, the above template would be apt. It does not include excessive designs but uses some color strategically. This is aligned with the expectations of employers who are looking for a traditional look but would appreciate some creativity.

3. Template for Progressive Industries 

Resume Template for Progressive Industries

Resume Template for Progressive Industries

If you are targeting a progressive industry such as Marketing,  Design, and Technology, you may choose to go with a template similar to the above. Such sectors are open to more creativity, expressed via a discreet use of colors and different fonts. However, we strongly suggest not going overboard with colors and design and keeping it to an optimum level.

Sometimes resume templates can have an impact on your application success rate. Thus, it is crucial to go for a template that is easy to scan for the ATS and the recruiter. We highly recommend using templates that are aligned with your target industry’s best practices. This will increase the probability of your progression through the selection process.