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Best Remote Job Search Sites

Global Remote Job Search Sites

The current pandemic has affected workplaces like nothing else in modern history. This has resulted in the shutting down of businesses, unemployment, and the transition of many workers to off-site, remote work. For this reason, remote job postings have doubled, and keep increasing. Employers have now become more open to remote work to maintain their operations. In this article, we will discuss the top job search sites employers use to search for suitable candidates. If you are looking to work remotely, this list will help you get started in finding your dream remote job.

1) General Remote Job Sites

These job sites offer remote job opportunities to any kind of service provider, including engineers, virtual assistants, designers, writers, and marketers, to name a few.

a) FlexJobs

FlexJobs is the top pick job site for finding remote work opportunities at every career stage. You can find jobs from entry to management and executive levels. They currently have a listing of over 36,000 active job postings from 4,000 companies across over 100 industries. However, this site is not free for remote job seekers. This is because they are known for listing only legitimate, hand-screened job opportunities at real companies. Hence, you don’t have to worry about falling into any fraudulent job listings.

b) We Work Remotely 

We Work Remotely is one of the very first remote job sites and still stands as one of the top-visited platforms today. They claim to be the largest remote work community globally, with over 2.5 million monthly visitors. This site provides various remote work resources, such as a list of job posts from the top 100 companies hiring for remote roles, for instance, Google, Amazon, and Basecamp. They have a simple interface that is easy to navigate. 

c) Remote.co

Remote.co covers a range of job categories, including teaching, accounting, legal, writing, editing, and more. These categories are conveniently broken down, allowing you to search for remote jobs more efficiently based on your target industry. You can also filter the job listings to find high-paying, part-time, or entry-level remote positions.

d) Working Nomads

Working Nomads features reliable temporary and full-time remote work opportunities for job seekers. They curate lists of some of the most interesting remote jobs available in diverse categories, such as web development, marketing, sales, and design. The site has a great tag system that allows you to filter down results to only see jobs that interest you. By signing up with their service, you can set up a daily or weekly email alert for different job categories. They will then automatically deliver a curated list of remote job opportunities directly to your inbox.

e) Remotive

Remotive is a free job site that only displays hand-picked remote work opportunities. They run a remote work community, remote job board, and newsletter with comprehensive lists of legitimate remote positions. On their platform, you can easily see when a job has been posted, what category it falls under, and where it is located. This makes it easier for you to find remote work opportunities that best suit your interest.

f) JustRemote

JustRemote provides an intuitive and simple search page that makes it easy for you to find remote job opportunities from around the world. They cover a variety of job verticals, including design, writing, customer service, marketing, HR, sales, project management, and more. They also offer a paid search product called Power Search. This feature gives you access to many more of the best remote jobs that don’t typically get advertised but are still actively recruiting.

g) Jobspresso

Jobspresso is an established job site trusted and used by some of the world’s leading startups and remote companies, such as Zapier, Trello, and WordPress. They feature a wide range of curated remote positions in tech, marketing, customer support, and more, from different countries but mainly the US. The team behind Jobspresso systematically reviews an employer’s website and social media accounts to ensure every job they post is legitimate. They regularly update their listings to include open and active job posts only, allowing you to find quality remote careers in no time.

h) Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive is a free and easy-to-navigate job site that shares various remote job opportunities in 31 categories. They have an innovative filtering system that makes your remote jobs search faster. Their listings are broken down by category, where you can easily sort by date, location, relevance, and job type. They also pool remote job posts from other job search sites, such as CareerBuilder and ZipRecruiter, providing you with more options.

i) Remote OK

Remote OK considers itself the number one digital nomad job board across the internet, reaching over 800,000 remote workers monthly. The site features both tech and non-tech categories. They tag all of their job listings with convenient labels, making it simple to set filters for specific listings you want.  You can choose to filter jobs by recruiter, type, and experience level, allowing you to find your dream remote job more quickly.

2. Tech-Related Remote Job Sites

These job sites primarily focus on IT roles, featuring all kinds of remote work opportunities in the technology sector.

a) Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs has been around since 2005 and is an excellent resource for all web developers, designers, and creative pros. This site has been used by leading companies, such as Facebook, Apple, Tesla, and The New York Times. While their job listings aren’t remote specific, there are plenty of remote job posts on their platform as well. To find them, just input “remote” into the location filter.

b) AngelList

AngelList (Currently Wellfound) connects remote job seekers with over 24,000 startups and tech companies, such as Facebook, Stripe, and Uber. Some of the great features of this job search site are salary transparency and discretion, wherein only companies you apply to will know that you are searching for a job. Moreover, they categorize their job posting by type and industry. To further enhance their matching feature, they offer a list of “A-List Companies” that includes well-funded startups. 

c) Dribbble

Dribbble is well-known as a community for web designers, illustrators, graphic designers, and creatives to share their portfolios. The platform also has a job board that displays remote work opportunities in the tech industry. Simply use the site’s remote-friendly toggle to filter remote positions.

d) Dice

Dice is a relatively standard remote job site with a specific focus on connecting hiring companies and tech professionals. Their page has easy-to-use filters where you can search by job title, company, keyword, and location. They also offer a free registration that enables you to upload your optimized resume, track jobs, and access salary information. Once you have completed your profile, a large network of employers can find you based on your experience and skills.

e) GitHub Jobs

GitHub Jobs is one small part of the GitHub platform, which provides hosting for software development and runs a popular online community for developers. Unsurprisingly, the site specializes in web development jobs, such as front-end, full-stack, and Ruby. This site also uses its Twitter account to post remote job opportunities with exciting companies. 

f) PowerToFly

PowerToFly is one of the most innovative and exciting online spaces for women seeking to find remote work opportunities in the tech and digital sectors. You will need to sign up and pass a vetting process to use the site’s features and apply for jobs. After signing up, you will have access to be matched for a paid trial, a 2–4-week test period, to ensure you and your potential future employer are a perfect fit. The site mainly lists remote job opportunities in analytics, DevOps, design, and more.

g) Gun.io

Gun.io lists some of the most competitive and sought-after software development remote jobs available today. They have an excellent reputation for taking care of their remote work community. Each employer undergoes a thorough vetting process to ensure they provide long-term remote opportunities for job seekers. Furthermore, the site helps you establish a comprehensive profile to introduce yourself via video, showcase your achievements, and show off your portfolio.

h) Landing Jobs

Landing Jobs brands itself as Europe’s best tech jobs marketplace. They are dedicated to helping every job seeker land their dream remote role with leading European companies. While this site doesn’t list many remote work opportunities compared to others, all jobs posted are carefully curated. They have a “Work Remote” link that you can use to easily access and see remote job listings at a glance. Though most of the jobs are Euro-based, there is a section on the site dedicated solely to fully remote placements.

3. Freelance and Contract Remote Job Sites

These job search sites rarely list full-time remote jobs. They typically feature project-based and contract remote work opportunities, which are good resources for those seeking short-term roles and part-time gigs only.

a) Upwork

Upwork is a global freelance marketplace and is widely used by leading companies, such as Airbnb, Microsoft, Zendesk, and Dropbox. Almost every freelance niche imaginable exists on the site. To view and apply for jobs, you need to create a unique, comprehensive profile for free. However, Upwork takes a 5-20% cut from your earnings. Thus, while you won’t earn as much from the remote gigs you may find, you’ll have ample opportunities to build up your chops, especially if you’re a beginner. Moreover, Upwork offers Proficiency Test to gauge your skills and increase your chances of getting noticed by potential employers.

b) Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com claims the title of the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace. As a matter of fact, they connect over 44 million freelancers and companies in 247 countries around the world. They feature a wide variety of freelance job opportunities for PH developers, web designers, and content writers alike. While you can view listings without creating a profile, you still need to sign up to start bidding on jobs and contact employers. 

c) Fiverr

Fiverr features remote freelance gigs or small, quick jobs, such as transcription and video editing worldwide. By creating a profile, you can then sell services for a minimum of $5. You need to make a gig, which is an engaging statement that tells prospective clients what kinds of services you offer. Though many job posts pay just $5 per task, there are also plenty of higher-paid remote opportunities available.

d) Guru

Guru provides a rich selection of remote work opportunities that can be filtered by category, type, budget, and location. They take pride in hosting over 1.5 million freelancers worldwide, specializing in diverse fields. Their listings range from tech, sales, and marketing to engineering, legal, and multimedia. Guru, which is considered to be one of the biggest players, includes various relevant features on their platform to help you save time from job searching.

e) Craigslist

Craigslist is the leading classifieds service in any medium, with over 80 million new classified advertisements monthly. But did you know that you could also search for freelance remote jobs on this site? They have a massive list of full-time, part-time, and gig-based remote works across hundreds of different cities. To do your job search, simply go to the corresponding Craigslist for major cities. You can then start searching for remote works that interest you.

Remote jobs are on a rise today. In fact, the pandemic is one of the catalysts for the transition of millions of employees around the world into remote work. If your career was impacted by COVID-19, we strongly recommend you explore remote job opportunities to make sure you stay on track with your career goals.