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Tips on Using Indeed to Maximize Your Job Search

Using Indeed to Optimize Your Job Search

Indeed is one of the largest and best job search tools out there that features millions of job vacancies from various companies around the world. With 10 new job listings added to its database every second, the site can help you find the right opportunity regardless of your industry or career level. So, to maximize your chances of landing your dream role, let us share with you some practical tips that will allow you to get the most out of your job search through Indeed.

1. Create an account and upload your resume

Browsing through Indeed’s job listings is free, and no account is necessary. However, signing up for one gives you access to the site’s other helpful features and available tools. Once you’ve established your account, you will be able to upload your resume, apply to any job vacancies easily, save jobs that you may want to check and apply for later, set up alerts, and use the “Easy Apply” function for quicker applications.

If you do not have an existing resume, you do not have to worry at all. Indeed offers an advanced tool where you can create your resume from scratch. Make sure to fill out each section and make it relevant to the position and industry you’re most interested in. Having your resume in their database, whether pre-existing or manually built, allows you to be discovered and contacted directly by employers looking for a potential employee with expertise like yours.

2. Set up email job alerts

Job alerts are another effective way to stay on top of new job openings. It gives you direct and quick access to jobs that you can instantly apply for. If you set up one, you will automatically receive email notifications once new job vacancies that match your criteria are posted. Indeed’s features allow you to create several job alerts if you’re seeking opportunities in different fields. You can also set how often you would like to receive updates – either daily or weekly. To take advantage of these alerts, make sure to check your emails regularly.

3. Refine your search results using filters

Sorting through hundreds of job search results can feel a little overwhelming and is definitely time-consuming. To narrow down your results and sift out irrelevant jobs, Indeed offers advanced search features. Using these allows you to filter jobs by type, date posted, location, salary range, and experience level. You can also view job openings only from specific companies. So, if you have a particular or target company in mind, you can easily find out if they have any vacancies that match your experience, skills, and interest.

4. Take advantage of the site’s salaries page

Salary is a critical consideration for any job. Hence, being well aware of the salary range offered to professionals of your experience level within your target sector is imperative. This is where Indeed’s salaries page comes in handy. In this section, you can learn about the average salaries of different positions you’d be interested in applying for. You can also search for more information about salaries for jobs in a particular industry and location. You can then use this data to negotiate with employers and get the pay you deserve.

5. Check the site’s company page

Gaining a deeper understanding of a company’s mission, values, and culture is a crucial step during a job search. Thus, we suggest taking advantage of the site’s company page, where you can find millions of company reviews, photos, Q&A, and useful information about the interview process. Doing so enables you to assess whether or not the company aligns with your interest, passion, and career goals. Thereby allowing you to save time applying for jobs with a company that doesn’t resonate with you.

In addition to providing millions of job opportunities, Indeed offers advanced tools and features to make your job search more efficient. Taking advantage of these, along with the tips we’ve shared in this article, can undoubtedly help you find and land your dream role with a great company. If you still find it challenging, we are here to help.