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10 Best Job Search Sites in the UK

Best Job Search Sites in the UK

According to CEOWorld Magazine, the United Kingdom is the best country in the world for starting a career in 2020. UK’s job market offers opportunities not only for local job seekers but also for international candidates. With over 32 million people in its workforce, the UK has a low unemployment rate of 4%.

In the first quarter of 2021, the UK stands as a country with excellent job opportunities based on Visa First’s study, which is great news if you wish to pursue your career in the country. However, as a job seeker, job hunting can be one of the most frustrating and overwhelming processes if done wrong. To help you out, we have listed the 10 best job search sites, boards, and job search engines in the UK that can give you the best results.

1. CV-Library

Launched in 2000, CV-Library is considered to be the UK’s favorite job search site. It is the fastest growing and largest independent platform in the country, with a rich database of over 14 million CVs. Moreover, it has more than 129,000 job listings from over 9,000 companies, covering over 70 different industries.

CV-Library has a feature that allows you to upload your optimized CV for free. This will help you apply for jobs with one click or be headhunted by the UK’s top recruiters or direct employers in your target sector. In addition, you will receive email alerts for relevant vacancies to ensure you don’t miss the jobs that are a perfect match for your expertise and qualifications. The site also offers different affordable online courses to help you expand your skills and become more desirable to your prospective employers.

2. Adzuna

Adzuna is a job search engine that pulls jobs from various sources, giving you complete access to all job openings so you won’t miss any opportunities. Its job listings range from junior to senior roles in IT, sales, accounting and finance, healthcare, admin, and more. In addition, the platform’s settings have options that allow you to search by company, location, salary range, contract type, and even hours. Thus, making job search easier and helping you land the perfect jobs that match your interest and qualification in less time.

Adzuna has a tool called ‘ValueMyCV that checks your CV for common mistakes and gives you an instant estimate of your market value. This will enable you to find the most suitable job roles with the most desirable salary rates. The platform also provides valuable data, insights, and blog posts, including updates on the job market and tips for landing a job, helping you get ahead of other job seekers.

3. Monster UK

Monster UK is a pioneer when it comes to digital recruitment. It has a good reputation for successfully connecting job seekers with various job opportunities. The site provides popular search options that will give you access to trending job posts. It also has an extensive company profile database to help you find your perfect employer.

Monster’s goal is to keep your job search journey as simple as possible. That is why it offers an easy-to-navigate interface that quickly matches job seekers and employers based on their skill set, background, and interest. Its features also allow you to search by categories, such as job title, company, location, or other specific keywords, helping you to save time.

4. Indeed UK

Indeed UK is one of the biggest job search sites in the country, helping candidates land their dream jobs since 2004. It has a large community with over 200 million CVs and up to 250 million monthly visitors. The site is recognized as the Google of job opportunities as it allows you to search for jobs posted on thousands of different websites. Thus, giving you higher chances of finding the perfect role.

Indeed UK has comprehensive and easy-to-use search functions to allow you to quickly sort through the jobs available. You can filter by location, set up job alerts, check company reviews, compare salaries across positions you’re qualified for, and rank jobs by your personal priorities. The site also lets you save your CV, making job applications a lot easier and job searching a much better experience. 

5. Reed

Reed claims to be the number one site for job seekers in the UK. With over 5,000 jobs added daily, it provides various opportunities from over 25,000 companies in the public and private sectors. Aside from job openings, the site also offers courses covering careers in several industries to help you improve your employability and skillset. Consequently, helping you get started on the right track towards your career goals.

The platform is known for having some of the best search features compared to other sites. This includes a function that allows you to view all vacancies in your local area and search jobs by company, sectors, and specialization directly from the homepage. It also has an extensive directory of the country’s leading employers and their current vacancies, which is ideal if you are seeking an opportunity in a large corporate organization.

6. Totaljobs

Having recently partnered with Jobsite, Totaljobs now has more to offer to job seekers with an extensive database of live roles and employers. The site features every job type, from part-time and temporary contracts to full-time and permanent positions. Considered one of the UK’s leading job sites, it attracts approximately 6 million job seekers monthly, generating over 2 million applications.

Totaljobs has a great function called ‘One Click Apply’. This allows you to upload your best practice CV and well-written cover letter and apply for jobs using one click. You can also set up notifications and save jobs of interest to look at later.

7. GuardianJobs

GuardianJobs is all about inspiring careers, such as nursing and social work. The site doesn’t have as many opportunities as other job search sites. However, it offers high-caliber job vacancies from companies and institutions in the technology, education, government, and charity sectors.

GuardianJobs has user-friendly features that enable you to browse jobs by type, sector, title, location, and salary rates. Thereby helping you narrow down your job search. You can also upload your CV to easily apply for jobs and be headhunted by its extensive database of well-known recruiters and employers.

8. Glassdoor

Glassdoor provides thousands of job openings in diverse categories, including software development, teaching, web design, healthcare, legal, and more. With its user-friendly features, you can easily search by popularity, types, locations, and salaries. You can also filter job vacancies based on company ratings, providing you a better chance of finding a percent role with the right employer.

The site offers a paid account that gives you access to other useful features. This involves access to over 600,000 company reviews and relevant interview questions to help you prepare in the process. You can also search and compare salary data from various UK companies, which can definitely help you with salary negotiations.

9. WorkInStartups

If you are looking to work within the UK startup environment, WorkInStartups may be the best job site for you. Claiming to be the number one site for startup jobs, it has an extensive list of featured jobs in a variety of categories for freelance, part-time, and full-time positions. This includes marketing, design, sales, internships, product management, and more. It also provides a feature where you can opt to receive a weekly newsletter that highlights the top job vacancies.

10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a job database, online resume platform, and social networking tool all in one. It is considered to be the ultimate social media platform where candidates are matched with quality employers based on their experience, skillset, and interest. In fact, according to a study, an average of 3 people are hired every minute through LinkedIn.

With over 55 million companies listed on the site, it provides more than 14 million job vacancies. Once you have optimized your profile, you can easily tap on its job board and directly apply to jobs. You can also follow the companies you want to be part of so you can stay updated should there be openings in the future.

Job searching can be exhausting. Nonetheless, the job search sites we listed above can make it simple and easy for you to find the employment opportunities you’re looking for in the UK. Whichever platform you decide to use, make sure you also prepare your career documents according to best practices to optimize your resume for the UK market and for your job search success.