80 Action Verbs to Boost Your Resume

Action Verbs to Enhance Your Resume

Action verbs elevate the quality of your resume by highlighting your roles and responsibilities in a succinct yet effective manner. These are added to avoid repetition of common words like managed, led or resulted, maintaining recruiters’ interest in your resume. In this article, we will look at some action verbs that you can use to highlight your expertise constructively.

Action Verbs Based on Responsibilities

This section covers action verbs based on a candidate’s roles and responsibilities, followed by an example for each:

1) Leading an initiative

Effectively leading a project reflects optimum utilization of resources and teamwork. Action verbs demonstrating this allow employers to understand your core responsibilities and your capability to lead them. To create a better impression, you can use the following:

  • OverseeOversaw the implementation of a new company-wide D&I initiative
  • OrchestrateOrchestrated the implementation of performance metrics for marketing campaigns
  • AdministerAdministered employee engagement initiatives
  • DirectDirected marketing campaigns in the EMEA region
  • SpearheadSpearheaded the Knowledge Management Center for the company

2) Planning

Planning is a crucial part of any experienced professional’s resume. This reflects your abilities to plan and strategize initiatives to fulfill organizational goals and guide the day-to-day operations. Some alternatives that you can use are:

  • DeviseDevised go-to-market strategy and key milestones
  • EngineerEngineered an innovative AI-driven solution for digitizing technical literature
  • PioneerPioneered web-based projects from inception through post-launch
  • FormulateFormulated keyword and bidding strategies
  • Design–  Designed content strategy to align with SEO requirements

3) Bringing a change in existing processes

Improving existing processes saves employers resources, positively impacting their profitability. Thus, we recommend using words to highlight your ability to change an existing process for good. Let’s have a look at some keywords you can use.

  • StreamlineStreamlined the company’s standard placement procedure
  • UpgradeUpgraded company’s predictive purchasing and inventory management tools
  • TransformTransformed workflow system of purchase orders
  • StandardizeStandardized HR policies in accordance with the governing body
  • Reengineer–  Reengineered cloud computing software

4) Showcasing results

Employers are keen to understand the impact you made in your previous role. To demonstrate this, we strongly advise you to add quantifiable results to your resume bullets. Let’s have a look at some action verbs you can use to reflect these results.

  • OutperformOutperformed annual market growth rate by X%
  • ExceedExceeded year-over-year sales target by Y%
  • PromotePromoted to Head of People Operations position within a year
  • SurpassSurpassed monthly target by Z%
  • EarnEarned the title of ‘Employee of the Month’ for 4 consecutive months

Action Verbs Based on Key Skills

This section will cover action verbs based on important skills expected in a mid-career professional’s resume.

1) Communications

Communication skills are one of the most sought-after skills in a resume. We strongly recommend incorporating these to demonstrate your level of verbal and non-verbal communication. Let’s have a look at some alternate words that can be used to demonstrate strong communication skills.

  • Public SpeakingLeveraged public speaking skills to represent the company in conferences
  • InfluenceInfluenced customer buying decisions
  • NegotiateNegotiated contracts with clients
  • LiaiseLiaised with agencies, creative directors, and photographers
  • Advise–  Advised marketing manager on social media initiatives

2) Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are your abilities to create structure and order, enhancing productivity. These demonstrate efficient management of time, resources, and workspace. Some action verbs that you can use are:

  • CatalogCataloged products based on shipping criteria
  • MonitorMonitored fast-track launches of international projects
  • IndexIndexed guest details at the annual conference
  • CoordinateCoordinated monthly staff events
  • Schedule–  Scheduled employee feedback meetings monthly

3) Leadership Skills

Leadership skills reflect your ability to take initiative and lead tasks, people, and organizations. As a mid-career professional, recruiters look for these qualities in your resume. Some action verbs that can be used to describe your leadership skills are:

  • CoachCoached team members for continuous improvement
  • Drive A professional with high agility to drive progress in a fast-paced environment
  • SuperviseSupervised a team of 15 partners
  • ShapeShaped employee policies to incorporate D&I initiatives
  • CultivateCultivated a growth-driven culture

4) Team player

Everybody wants a team player in their teams. Thus, hiring managers emphasize this skill and look for examples in their resume. Some action verbs that you can use are:

  • InvolveInvolved in team-building exercises regularly
  • SupportSupported the hiring manager in the decision-making process
  • MentorCommitted to empowering and mentoring teams to achieve goals
  • MotivateAchieved team buy-in by continually motivating team members
  • CollaborateCollaborated with cross-functional teams to guide them on technical aspects

5) Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills allow you to detect, analyze, and resolve an issue. This skill helps recruiters understand how quickly and efficiently you would be able to overcome challenges. Action verbs that you can use are:

  • DiagnoseLeveraged problem-solving skills to diagnose complex business issues
  • ImplementStandardized and implemented operating models
  • OverhaulOverhauled marketing strategy to strengthen the market position
  • RevivedRevived existing product pipelines, enhancing efficiency
  • AlleviateAlleviated risks of poor customer experience

6) Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is your ability to identify, comprehend, and respond to emotions- yours and others. High emotional intelligence enhances quick conflict resolution and efficient decision-making. Some keywords that you can use to reflect a high emotional quotient are:

  • EmpathyEmpathic HR Manager with X+ years of experience
  • Active listenerEquipped with strong listening skills to understand and address customer needs
  • Self-awareUse reflection and self-awareness techniques to identify and address self-performance issues
  • Growth mindsetA tenacious leader with a growth mindset, effectively able to…
  • Relationship managementAble to forge solid relationships with strategic partners

Action Verbs to Boost Your Resume

Additional Action Verbs

In this section, we will list 30 additional action verbs for you to use in your resume, irrespective of your target jobs and industries.

1) Achievements

  • Accomplished
  • Awarded
  • Delivered
  • Enhanced
  • Increased

2) Advised

  • Consulted
  • Evaluated
  • Assisted
  • Researched
  • Recommended

3) Developed

  • Established
  • Founded
  • Introduced
  • Programmed
  • Grew

4) Enhanced

  • Boosted
  • Improved
  • Restructured
  • Maximized
  • Modernized

5) Managed

  • Chaired
  • Produced
  • Recruited
  • Delegated
  • Diversified

6) Responsible for

  • In charge of
  • Conducted
  • Accountable
  • Governed
  • Operated

Sending out a bland resume with your application does not serve its purpose, impacting your chances of success. Thus, we strongly advise using action verbs to make your resume punchy and notable. If you need some assistance creating an effective resume, we are here to help you.