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Best Job Search Websites in Saudi Arabia

Best Job Search Websites in Saudi Arabia

Over recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA) has witnessed an increase in its global popularity as a preferred destination for employment. According to a Boston Consulting Group study, Saudi Arabia is the 28th most desired country to pursue careers in the world. Attractive salary packages, tax-free income, and a luxurious lifestyle are key factors that have led to an influx of over 10 million expatriates in the Desert Kingdom.

While searching for jobs in Saudi Arabia may seem tedious and stressful, with the right resources and information, it can become easier than you may think. Many local and global job search websites operate in Saudi Arabia, which you can utilize to reach the perfect employer. In no chronological order, we have listed the top job search sites in Saudi Arabia. This can be a great place to begin your journey to finding the right career in KSA.

11 Job Search Websites in Saudi Arabia

1) Mihnati

Mihnati is Saudi Arabia’s leading indigenous online employment platform, used by over 55,000 employers and 720,000 job seekers. Since its inception, Minhati.com has processed over 1.7 million job applications, from graduate to executive positions. They offer innovative localized solutions for the Saudi Arabian job market.

The job vacancies advertised on the platform are for both private and public sectors. Some of the most prominent employers hiring through Mihnati are Rashed Al Rashed & Sons Group, Flyadeal, and Alsalam Aerospace Industries. Members can filter out jobs based on city, company, industry, salary, and career field. The website also has dedicated search categories for females and expatriates jobs. Besides job-hunting, Mihnati provides features such as free CV review, CV writing service, and CV promotion to top companies.

2) Bayt

Headquartered in Dubai, Bayt is a digital career platform with the broadest reach in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Bayt offers comprehensive employment services such as online job postings, corporate training courses, professional networking, virtual career fairs, and career-focused research reports. The website operates in English, Arabic, and French, the three key languages of the MENA region.

In Saudi Arabia, over 6,700 employment opportunities are advertised on Bayt across all industry sectors, job functions, and career levels. Bayt is a popular recruitment platform of choice for global companies such as Samsung, Baker Hughes, and Pepsi, and Arab employers such as SABB, Marafiq, and Tawuniya. Many top recruitment agencies such as Sapphire Recruitment Consultants, Michael Page, Quest Search, and Selection also use Bayt to source quality talent for Saudi companies. If you are hunting for executive roles, Bayt’s special executive job search category could be helpful. 

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3) Naukrigulf

Launched in 2006, Naukrigulf has established itself as the fastest-growing job search website in the region, with over 150,000 new registrations every month. It is an online platform built to bridge the gap between recruiters and job seekers through a quick, easy, and efficient exchange of information. Naukrigulf displays 7000+ employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, and most of these job vacancies are in the Consulting, Oil and Gas, Construction, and Information Technology industries.

Expatriate job seekers widely use Naukrigulf, and the website lists a multitude of job openings looking for European, Indian, and Filipino applicants. Besides serving as a job portal, Naukrigulf also offers comprehensive resume-focused services such as resume writing, resume critique, and resume samples. Naukrigulf is available in an easy-to-use and popular mobile application version. In fact, it has emerged as a leader in the mobile app recruitment category in the Arabian region.

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4) Expatriates

Expatriates is a free classified advertisements website created explicitly for the expatriates’ community. The website receives approximately 2 million monthly visits from users primarily based in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India, and Pakistan. It has a job advertisements category, where employers can place job postings at no cost. The website is particularly popular for blue-collar jobs in the Gulf region. The platform also has a dedicated section for temporary employment. Most of the advertised job positions are based out of Jeddah and Riyadh.

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5) Gulf Talent

Founded in 2015, GulfTalent is a leader in the online recruitment landscape in the Middle East. Around 60,000+ candidates get contacted by recruiters every month through the website. Gulf Talent has over 1000 registered job vacancies in Saudi Arabia.

The sectors with the maximum hiring on the platform are Construction, Engineering, and Hospitality. Both international and local employers widely use the portal to meet their recruitment needs in the Saudi region. Also, many top management and experienced professional job positions are advertised on the website.

GulfTalent guarantees that all the listed job vacancies are valid, so the users aren’t deceived. Thus, it is a trusted and helpful job search portal for both local and expatriate job seekers. It also offers many free and paid candidate resources such as CV builder, jobs guide, and CV writing services. Besides core recruitment services, GulfTalent provides access to online training courses and valuable research on the employment market.

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6) Saudi Tanqeeb

Tanqeeb is amongst the most popular career websites in the Arab world. It collates published jobs from major recruitment websites, newspapers, and companies in one comprehensive database. Over 200,000+ job vacancies are available on the platform. The most advertised job categories on the portal are administrative, teaching, marketing, and industrial. If you want to widen your job search beyond the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah, Tanqeeb could be a highly effective job search tool as it advertises vacancies across a vast geographical region in KSA.

On Tanqeeb’s homepage, you can find a fast and simple job search engine, where you can easily view jobs from different sources in one place. It also allows you to filter out job advertisements that are verified. In addition, the website provides a detailed and comprehensive blog section with excellent tips and resources on building a career in the Arabic region. 

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7) Wzayef

Wzayef is a job search website with a strong presence in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Over 550,000 jobs are published on the portal by 70,000+ employers. Companies can publish unlimited job advertisements on the portal for free and search for candidates in the website’s comprehensive CV database. Thus, the website is a popular choice amongst hiring managers.

However, the portal only offers location and job categories filters, making it difficult for you to narrow down your job search. Mainly, the job vacancies are targeted toward entry and mid-career professionals. For many job postings, the website provides the email address of the employer, whom you can reach out to with your CV.

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8) Akhtaboot

Akhtaboot is a digital career network operating in the Middle East and North Africa, advertising 400+ job vacancies in the region. It is a particularly useful job search platform for entry-level and junior openings. Some featured companies advertising on the forum are Addar Group, Shawarmer Co, and Al Ghalia Company. Akhtaboot lists many job opportunities in the government and public sector.

Across the Middle East, Akhtaboot also organizes many job fairs and career events. It introduced the first-of-its-kind job fair in the region for people with disabilities. Besides, the portal runs a flexible 1-3 months internship program specifically designed for students to empower them with professional skills and real-life experience.

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9) Grabjobs

GrabJobs is a cost-effective recruitment solution that automates the sourcing, screening, and interviewing of candidates. With over 5,000 companies using the job platform to simplify their hiring process, it’s becoming a popular choice amongst job-seekers worldwide. In Saudi Arabia, the portal has over 10,000 job postings, with Retail, Food and Beverage, and Customer Service being the most popular employment categories.

On Grabjobs, the job application process is simple and hassle-free. You can apply with one click and get interviewed on the spot. The app is available both on the web and mobile. Also, you’ll receive a quick response from employers and even get personalized job recommendations.

You can find relevant job search links here:

10) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest job search and professional networking portal in the world. It enjoys a robust presence in Saudi Arabia, with over 8.6 million users, and is the country’s 10th most popular social networking platform. Over 8,000 job vacancies for the Saudi region are advertised on LinkedIn.

Saudi employers seeking overseas and senior-level candidates tend to rely on LinkedIn to fulfill their recruitment needs. Many recruitment firms sourcing suitable candidates for the Saudi market also use LinkedIn. Some of the most popular staffing agencies on the portal are Antal International, Jobskey search and selection, and SpaStaff.com.

LinkedIn can be highly advantageous for your job search and career development when used effectively. Your LinkedIn profile is a crucial aspect of your professional presence online. Through the portal, you can not only apply for jobs but also reach out to prospective employers and seek career advice.

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11) Indeed

Indeed is considered the #1 website for job search globally, receiving over 250 million unique visitors monthly. In Saudi Arabia, 15,000+ job opportunities are listed on Indeed. Besides full-time positions, many contractual, temporary and part-time job roles are also available on the platform.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, King Saud University Medical City, and King Faisal Specialist Hospital are the top local Saudi employers directly hiring on Indeed. Besides, many recruitment agencies are also actively looking for suitable candidates on the platform. A quick search on the Indeed portal can help you find millions of job postings in one place.

Once you create an account, you can upload your resume and apply for jobs. If you haven’t prepared a resume, Indeed even provides an advanced tool to create one from scratch. Once you have your resume in their database, you can also be discovered and contacted directly by prospective employers who are looking for employees with a skill set like yours. Besides, the website has a section for company reviews and salary comparisons which can help you decide whether or not to accept a job offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do we select the best job search websites?

We have examined dozens of job search engines before choosing our top picks. To select the best websites, we reviewed several factors such as ease of use, number of job postings, pricing, services offered, industry and job functions served, type of employers, and popularity in the local market. We felt these were the most important considerations for selecting the best job sites.

2) How do job websites work?

Most job search websites are free to browse. Typically, they let you open an account using your email address or social media, then prompt you to make a profile and upload documents like your resume and cover letter. To find suitable opportunities, you simply have to type in the desired job role and location in the website’s search engine. Many job sites also send notifications when they find relevant positions that match your previous job searches.

After finding a job, the website will either allow you to apply to the vacancy directly or redirect you to the company’s website for application. Once you’ve submitted your application, the hiring decision-maker will review your profile and reach out to you if they are interested. Some platforms, like LinkedIn, let prospective employers reach out to candidates even if they haven’t applied for a position.

3) Are job search websites worth using?

Even though you can find many opportunities via company websites, networking, or career fairs, it’s good to broaden your job search across as many mediums as possible. A great opportunity can come knocking on any door. Job search websites often have an extensive database of job vacancies and can introduce you to roles and organizations that may be unknown to you. Besides, most of them are free to try and generally cater to every industry and experience level.

One of the most common and popular ways for job seekers to find employment is through job search websites. However, scouring through thousands of job listings on online job boards and social media platforms can be overwhelming. Identifying the right job search portals and strategically using them can help you win interviews. Do you have questions about how to begin your job search process in Saudi Arabia? Still unsure which job search platforms to sign up for? Reach out to our career strategists for expert guidance.