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Preparing for a Job Interview

All you need to know about how to prepare for your upcoming job interview

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Everything you need to know about job interviews

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Interview Encyclopedia: What is a Screening Interview?

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, interviews have changed a lot over the past two decades and continue to do so, day-by-day. Hence, you should always keep up with current trends and practices in recruiting to make the most out of your interviews. In this series of...

10 Job Interview Types You Will Encounter

Each company has its own hiring process and as a candidate, you should prepare for all the possible interview types. Knowing what type of interview you might face at each stage of the process is the first and most important step to succeed. In this blog post, we have...

Tips & tricks to use when being interviewed for your dream job

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How To Establish Rapport With Your Interviewer

What makes a candidate stand out during a job interview? One quick and safe answer is their job skills and previous experience. However, communication between the interviewee and the interviewer plays an essential role, as well. Moreover, it can affect the hiring...

Best Job Interview Etiquette Tips

Jenny is an experienced web developer and has received an interview invitation for her dream job. She turns to her friend with big excitement to seek advice on how to structure her interview prep. “Well, don’t forget about the interview etiquette,” her friend replies....

The Ultimate Guide on How to Dress for a Job Interview

A job interview you want to succeed in is coming up soon. You have completed the phone interview and you are now invited for a face-to-face conversation at the company’s headquarters. You have finished your interview preparation but something is still missing. What...

Job Interview Day: Tips for Candidates

You recently applied for a promising position that could elevate your career, and your desired future employer invited you for an interview. You completed all the necessary work to stand out during the screening. You researched the company online, found common...

A library of all common interview questions and guidance on how to answer them successfully

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How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions

How would you respond if a third-party company asked for intel about your company? This is an example of a behavioral interview question. Just like competency-based questions, behavioral questions can be addressed best with the S.T.A.R. technique. In this blog post,...

How to Answer Competency-Based Interview Questions

The best way to answer competency-based interview questions is to structure your answers using the S.T.A.R. technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result). As you go through, you will discover what competency-based questions are and why recruiters ask them. You will also...

Reverse Interviewing: 10 Questions to Ask an Interviewer

“Do you have any questions for me?”. When you hear this question from an interviewer, don’t even think of going with a “no” for an answer - it is a part of your evaluation. Recruiters often raise a red flag for candidates who have no or few questions to ask. And why...

Illegal Interview Questions and How to Handle Them

You are preparing for your upcoming interview. You have already practiced answers for potential interview questions, but do you know which interview questions are illegal? In this blog post, we will walk you through some interview questions that employers should not...

Best practice advice about how to follow up after your job interview

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What to Do When You’re Ghosted after an Interview

Dear job seeker, have you ever heard of the term “ghosting?” It’s an expression that we often use when a person we’ve been interacting with has suddenly stopped replying to our calls or messages without an explanation. Even though this expression was initiated to...

How to Send an Effective Follow-up Email After an Interview

You have just finished an interview for your dream job, and you feel confident about your performance. Now you want to shield that impression and maximize the chances of getting an offer. But how? There’s still one simple move to make to convince the hiring team that...

How to negotiate your compensation

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How to Avoid Common Salary Negotiation Mistakes

Salary negotiations are a part of an effective, high-quality interview. Despite this, a CNBC report stated that only 39% of Americans engaged in salary negotiations during their job search. Furthermore, another research by CNBC reveals that by not shying away from...

8 Things You Should Negotiate Other than Salary

When it comes to job offer negotiation, a competitive salary is usually on top of the list for most job seekers. While a hike in your salary is great, there are other equally important benefits you can negotiate. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that...

How to Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiating a job offer can be daunting. In fact, a survey from Salary.com showed that 48% of people are apprehensive about negotiating.  Some of the most common reasons are fear of losing the job offer, lack of negotiation skills, and not wanting to come across as...



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