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Best Apps & Tools to Organize Your Job Search

Apps & Tools to Organize Your Job Search

Searching and applying for jobs requires a lot of work and things to keep track of. If you don’t want to mix up companies and positions, miss important application deadlines, confuse interview times or forget to follow up, it is important to keep things organized. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult with plenty of challenges that come along with your job hunt. Fortunately, there are various available applications and tools you can use to conduct a proactive and systematized job search. To help you out, we listed some of the best and most popular ones out there that you can explore to stay on top of your job search process.

1. Spreadsheets

A spreadsheet is an old-school yet user-friendly and effective tool you can use to keep track of your job applications management service in the states. You can simply create a table where you can list which companies you applied to, the date you applied, your point of contact, your interview schedule, the status of your application, and more. Of course, it is up to you how detailed you want to get. However, make sure to indicate all important factors in your application process so you won’t miss out on anything. Below is a list of the 5 best spreadsheet apps you might want to consider.

2. Word Processors 

You’ll need to have the best-customized career documents possible during your job application. To increase your chances of positive outcomes, we recommend updating your resume and cover letter with qualifications and keywords relevant to your target role. You can definitely do this by using word processors. For most job seekers, Microsoft Word is the most popular choice because of its user-friendly features and dozens of ready-to-use resume templates. Aside from this, here are some additional samples of word processing software you can use to edit your job application materials.

3. Cloud-based File Storage

You can do your job search anytime and anywhere. However, you might not always have a copy of your career documents with you. This is where file storage and sharing tools can come in handy. Using such tools to store your resume, cover letter, or portfolio helps you ensure that you have access to these files from any device whenever you need to apply for jobs. Here are some of the top pick cloud-based storage tools.

4. Calendar Apps

Keeping track of every event in your job application can be a confusing task. No matter how good your memory is, there can still be a chance that you might miss out on something. Nonetheless, using a calendar can help you ensure that you stay on top of the most important dates. When you have a deadline or receive an invite for a job interview, make sure to immediately put it in your calendar. You can also set up a custom alert window to receive notifications when a particular event is approaching. Here are some calendar apps you can use as part of your job search process.

5. Business Card Manager

Despite the popularity of online channels as means of communication, business cards remain the quickest way of exchanging contact information for most professionals. However, manually saving, organizing, and managing business cards you receive after an interview, in a networking event, or from any face-to-face meeting can be a hassle. Well, worry no more because business card manager apps are here to help you. By simply using your phone, these apps scan, store, and manage the business cards you collect. You can also write notes on each card and sync all details across various devices, allowing you to access the contacts anywhere.

6. Email Signature Generator 

An email signature is one essential self-branding tool you can take advantage of during your job search. When done right, it gives you the chance to let everyone you email know what your expertise and skills are. You can also add your contact details and a link to your website where people can learn more about you. While you can do it on your own, using an application can help make the process easier for you. So, here are some of the best email signature generators you can choose from.

7. Organization Tools

Organization tools help you keep track of your seemingly never-ending to-do lists. Using one allows you to save time and manage your entire job search more productively and efficiently. However, with more and more of these tools becoming available almost daily, it can be quite confusing to know which one’s the best. To help you get started, here are some of the most powerful organization tools out there that you can consider. We suggest exploring each one of them so you can assess which one best suits your needs.

8. Interview Practice Tools

Preparing for interviews can be nerve-wracking for most job seekers. While you can always seek professional support during this stage of your application, there are also different online tools that can help you practice. These tools have a large bank of commonly asked interview questions and effective tips on how to answer them. Most tools deliver these questions in a video format. This way, you can have a feel of having a human being directly ask you questions instead of just reading them off a list while practicing. Here are some interview practice tools to help you nail your application.

9. Email Tools

Finding the person’s email address to whom you’ll send your application is not easy and undeniably time-consuming. While some recruiters or hiring managers have their emails publicly listed on the job posts, there are times that you need to do your own research. Let’s say you know exactly the name of the person you want to reach, but you don’t know the email, the tools we’ve listed below can help you with your digging.

Organizing and managing your job hunt is just as important as identifying opportunities and submitting an application. Keeping things organized and on track allows you to ensure that you won’t miss any important deadlines and opportunities. In addition, it can help you relieve a bit of stress and pressure that come along with the process of finding your next job. So, consider using some of the tools listed in this article to ensure nothing falls through the cracks during your job search.