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Tips and tricks on how to plan your career

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Practical Tips to Stay on Track with Career Goals

Do you ever find it hard to stick to a desired career goal because unexpected challenges blocked your way? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. In most cases, career goals need time and effort to nurture, especially if they’re long-term. So how can you overcome...

How to Set Long-Term Career Goals Effectively

Greg used to be a successful accountant but he recently decided to change career paths and landed a brand new role in sales. His end-goal is to become a sales manager, but he is aware that he should gain sufficient expertise first, in order to accomplish it. This...

Top Career Trends For 2021

Last year, the pandemic urged abrupt shifts in the way we work. Mandatory transitioning to remote work, precautionary health measures, and forced layoffs caused uncertainty and doubt to employees and job seekers. As a result, new career trends have started to surface,...

Should a Candidate Accept the First Job Offer They Land

Economies have been severely hit by the pandemic and layoffs have taken place on a massive scale. It is undoubtedly a tough job market for the candidates.  The decision to accept or reject a job offer in these times should be well thought of, taking into account all...

7 Steps for a Successful Career Change

Changing careers can be challenging, especially in the current job market. However, taking action to utilize all the tools you have control over as a candidate can make the transition process easier and faster. Here are 7 steps for a successful career change for a new...

The Biggest Career Mistakes to Avoid

While addressing a major career mistake, Bill Gates explained that “small differences can magnify themselves”. This does not only hold true for prominent entrepreneurs but also for any professional trying to make the most of their career. Small career mistakes can...


Job SearchTools

The best tools to accelerate your job search

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10 Best Job Search Sites in the UK

According to CEOWorld Magazine, the United Kingdom is the best country in the world for starting a career in 2020. UK’s job market offers opportunities not only for local job seekers but also for international candidates. With over 32 million people in its workforce,...

Best Remote Job Search Sites

The current pandemic has affected workplaces like nothing else in modern history. This has resulted in the shutting down of businesses, unemployment, and the transition of many workers to off-site, remote work. For this reason, remote job postings have doubled, and...

Top 10 Global Job Search Sites in 2021

Job search platforms are web pages equipped with millions of job listings from thousands of companies worldwide. Whether you are looking for a new job or a career change, you can always find websites that will cater to your needs. Some job websites also offer resume...


Job Market News

All you need to know about the job market

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Global Job Market 2021

Hundreds of thousands of professionals have lost their jobs since the pandemic hit in early 2020. While the workforce is looking forward to returning to BAU, the job market remains challenging for candidates in 2021. In fact, According to the Office for Budget...

All you need to know to screen your employers of choice

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Everything you need to know if you are considering an industry change

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