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Getting a Job through a Recruitment Agency

Job Search through an Agency

A recruitment agency is an organization that assists companies to fill in their vacancies. These agencies serve as a bridge between candidates and employers. As a professional looking for your next career move, recruitment agencies can prove to be a great resource for you. In this article, we will have a look at the benefits of a staffing agency and take you through the process of getting a job through a staffing agency to optimize your job search.

Recruitment agencies v/s Temporary staffing agencies

There is often some confusion around recruitment agencies and temporary staffing agencies. In this section, we will help you understand the difference between both and which one would suit your needs better. A good recruitment agency focuses on the long-term needs of a company, helping them find permanent employees. Some popular recruitment agencies that you can register with are Robert Half, Korn Ferry, Randstad, and Manpower.

 A temporary staffing agency, in most cases, helps organizations find temporary, part-time, or seasonal employees. However, there is a very thin line of difference in practice as most recruitment agencies also advertise temporary opportunities to job seekers. If you are seeking a temporary opportunity, we would suggest looking for function-specific staffing agencies. For example, if you are looking for a role in the hospitality industry for a short period of time in the UK, you can contact companies like Hospitality Staffing or Arc Hospitality.

Benefits of a recruitment agency

In this section, we will explore some benefits of working with a recruitment agency, helping you understand its importance and motivating you to register with one.

1) Receiving free support

Registering with a recruitment agency is free of charge. In return, you get expert advice, resources to help you make applications, and access to different jobs in various industries. Partnering up with recruitment agencies can be a great additional tool for your job search through other portals such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or Google

2) Getting in contact with employers 

Recruitment agencies are paid by companies for their services. This means that they are highly motivated to connect the right candidate with the right company. If you register with them, they will scan your profile and try their best to connect you with an opportunity of your choice. 

3) Speeding up the job search process

Most professionals looking to change a job in their mid-careers are already employed. As a result, they have very little time to hunt for job opportunities on their own. With recruitment agencies, you get a chance to find various opportunities on a single platform with a consultant helping you optimize the process. This saves a lot of time and energy for professionals who are already busy in their current jobs.

4) Finding executive vacancies

Most executive vacancies are not promoted online. Many companies partner up with agencies to headhunt the right candidates. As a mid-career professional, if your next target is to land an executive job, then signing up with the right recruitment agency could help you take this step sooner.

How to get a job through an agency

In this section, we will understand the process of attaining a job through an agency in depth.

1) Identify the most relevant agencies

As a first step, it is essential to identify the recruitment agencies that suit your needs. Not all agencies may support the hiring process in your industry. For example, Aviation Recruiting specializes in the recruitment of executives, management, corporate professionals, engineers, flight crew members, and aircraft mechanics. On the other hand, C-Suite Assistants help organizations find executives and personal assistants. Thus, before you register with an agency, make sure it functions in your domain. Some factors to consider before choosing an agency are:

  • Industries they operate in
  • Locations they serve
  • Types of employment offered (part-time, full time, contract, or seasonal)
  • Current and previous clients
  • Reviews of job seekers
  • Recruitment experience

2) Register and develop a relationship

Once you have identified the right agencies for you, it is time to register with them. Before registering with your resume, we strongly recommend creating a high-quality resume and cover letter. You could either create one yourself or get in touch with a career strategist to help you create an effective resume and cover letter. We suggest dropping them an email or meeting with them in person to see what they have to offer and set the right expectations from the beginning. This would also help you weed out the agencies that don’t match your criteria. A few things that you could discuss with them are:

  • Your job search scenario
  • Your current job and your expectations from your next job
  • Their previous experience in helping candidates
  • Their procedure of signing up
  • Resources that would be available to you as a job seeker

3) Keep an eye on job databases

As a job seeker, make sure to keep a check on job databases that will allow you to make applications directly. While you rely on them to help you find the right opportunity, make sure to keep your job search going. Keep an eye on job boards and make applications for relevant jobs.

4) Keep in touch with your consultant

In most cases, you will be allotted a consultant. This may be the person you speak to before registering or someone from their team who regularly updates you on your progress. We strongly suggest keeping in touch with this person. You can email them or message them once in a while, say, 2-3 months and check with them if your application has made any progress. Let them also know if you make a big move or no longer require their services.

Some tips to optimize your agency experience

1) Be proactive

While we understand you may be employed when looking for your next venture, we advise you to take charge of your job search. Even when you have registered with a recruitment firm, be proactive and communicate your needs with them. Once registered, look out for opportunities on other platforms too. Register with more than one agency and coordinate your communications with each one to make sure they know you are actively looking for a role.

2) Use your agencies’ resources

Your agencies may provide you with some resources such as their job database, access to resume writers, or courses to help you develop skills. While some of these extra services may be paid, we recommend going for the ones that you think would make you a step closer to your dream job. Make the most of their expertise and check if you have any doubts about anything.

3) Be honest with your agency

An important rule before working with an agency is to help them understand your case. Be honest about your work history, employment gaps, or any other factor that may hinder your application to employers of your choice. This will ensure that you get the best opportunities based on your experience, skills, and preferences. In most cases, an agency will provide maximum support to help you find the right job. 

4) Be professional in your agency interviews

Some agencies may also interview candidates on behalf of the companies. The purpose of these interviews is to have a better understanding of the candidates and their abilities. While these may not be actual company interviews, don’t treat them any less. They may make or break your deal. Dress properly, prepare well, and perform professionally. 

5) Be patient and persistent

A job search may be taxing and time-consuming. While it may take longer than expected, be patient with yourself and be persistent. If you give up in the middle, you will never be able to land your dream job. Have faith in yourself and know that you will reach your goals. Meanwhile, keep in touch with your mentors, coaches, friends, and family to keep up your mental and emotional wellbeing.

A recruitment agency has the potential to help you land your dream job faster. We strongly recommend registering with a recruitment agency and optimizing their resources. For any other help, we are always here to support you. Feel free to reach out to us to help you make strategic career decisions, taking you a step closer to your dream job.